God Of War Creator Announces His Work On A New Single-Player Game

David Jaffe reveals on Twitter his plans for a new single-player title - and he doesn't care at all about 'gamer cred'.
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The original God of War's creator and game director announces his work on a new single-player game.
The original God of War's creator and game director announces his work on a new single-player game. Sony Computer Entertainment

It seems that the original God of War creator and game director is hard at work on another single-player game.

God of War creator David Jaffe took to Twitter yesterday to announce that he is currently working on a new single-player title. The thread was a response to a recent interview with Uncharted creator Amy Hennig, in which she criticized the scale of modern AAA games.

In a series of tweets, Jaffe confessed that he does not care about the credibility that comes with conforming to modern AAA standards, in which the experience is meant to be padded out for days’ worth of game time. He says that he wants to make single-player games that he, as a player, can finish in one to three playthroughs. He then goes on to describe the game he is working on as single-player, story-based and designed – as well as budgeted – to be played and completed in three to four hours.

While everyone can agree that David Jaffe has always been outspoken, one can admire his fortitude into making games that he can enjoy. Jaffe is probably best known as being the game director for the original God of War for the PlayStation 2, and I can honestly say that I consider that the best in the series, even including the most recent God of War for the PlayStation 4.

Although no further details were given, Jaffe mentioned three somewhat shorter video games as some of his favorite recent games: Inside, What Remains of Edith Finch and Firewatch. It’s still up for speculation, but this may give some insight into what he is planning to do with his single-player game.

In spite of all this, it remains to be seen how David Jaffe will create his game. His last title, Drawn to Death, failed to make an impact on a wider audience as well as game critics, and had to have its servers closed just last month, two years after its release. This in turn might have had something to do with the shutting down of his game development studio, Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, just last year.

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