Goblins of Elderstone Update 1.4: Lost in Translation and Graphs

Goblins of Elderstone Update 1.4
Goblins of Elderstone Update 1.4 Steam

The developers of Goblins of Elderstone released an update focused on new features and bug fixes. Two of the newly introduced features are the Priority System and Resource Graph Overlay, with more details found below.

New Features

Priority System

The developers have added a new priority system to ensure the prioritization of only a single object of each type, along with the elder resource groups. Prioritization usage will now result in the same behaviors for corpses, resources, animals, etc.

Resource Graph Overlay

Players can now find the new Resource Graph Overlay for the village. This shows where resources are generated and used.

User Interface

The developers have updated story moment costs, hint layouts, and starting resource setup. The latter has been changed for new clans to use predefined resource bundles, instead of resource sliders.

Goblins of Elderstone Update 1.4

God Powers
  • Many god powers got a rebalance or replacement in this update.
  • Warjoy lost Firestorm and gained Marauding, which causes defeated units to drop more loot when defeated as a timed spell.
  • Copperface traded the ability to boost trade treks, for lowering the costs of hero contracts at the tavern.
  • Iridin lost Healing Wish for Nature Walk which boosts treks movement speed over scouted map tiles.
  • Furymane lost their raid trek boost in exchange for flat damage to all War goblins.
  • Silverfeys 2 trek powers were rebalanced into one and they gained a new passive to resource gathering.
  • Sagerites trek power changed from altering success chances to reducing enemies encountered.
  • Dropped resources and Corpses created outside the Clan Territory are now blocked by default.
  • Goblins will now return goods to the storage if their delivery destination gets destroyed instead of dropping them on the ground.
  • Added the ability for goblins to construct a percentage of a building up to the percentage of delivered resources.
  • Warm Clothes need is now unlocked by Hides instead of Ale.
  • Old goblins can now be assigned as breeders.
  • Added ambient village chatter from goblins.
  • Added more voice-acting lines.
  • Multiple missing sound effects were fixed.
Bug Fixes
  • Many fixes for Localization to other languages.
  • Goblins can no longer construct a building from a different height than it was placed on.
  • Crafting animations now loop correctly if the work rate for a goblin is too low.
  • Dig Deeper at the mine is fixed.
  • Fix for collision issues with the graveyard.

You can read more about it here.

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