Gloria Victis Update v. Beta: Character Development Changes, and Bug Fixes

Gloria Victis: Medieval MMORPG
Gloria Victis: Medieval MMORPG Steam

Gloria Victis recently received an update that fixed bugs and made some quality-of-life improvements. The game is still in the beta stage, which means players can expect a lot of changes before its official launch.

The developers wanted the game to feel more like an MMORPG, so they are making some tweaks to the character development. Fishing and Archaeology are the main development part of the update, and each has its own skill tree to let players unlock new functions. Obviously, players can pick up both developments but it will take a while to grind.

The new questlines are aimed to make the gameplay experience better, as players will no longer have to travel to distant areas to complete them.

Gloria Victis Update v. Beta

Quality-of-Life Improvements
  • The Global Arena and Tournament area are now properly marked as non-loot zones.
  • Added new icons for Farms, Lumber Mills and Mines.
  • All fishes have now extended rotting time, from 3 days to 7 days.
  • From now on, you can zoom out the map to see the whole Stoneholm Island.
  • Added new types of events in Crafting Inns to create demand for lower-tier fishes.
  • Added a custom, subtle sound for getting stunned.
  • Spectre world boss now has stunning attacks and new SFX’s.
  • Added new cyperus seeds to basic food vendors' stock.
  • New plant: Cyperus. It is a plant that can be used as fish bait.
  • New item: Mysterious scroll. Find out what it does by yourself.
  • New animals: Leopard and Black Leopard.
  • Hitting siege engines will now be indicated with proper sound.
  • Fixed the issue causing the combat log window to change size on opened full screen interface panels.
  • Fixed all known issues regarding new map icons.
  • Fixed an issue that caused AI to switch from the bow, to always switch into the one-handed weapon in terms of attack speeds. That led to animation desync in that case.
  • Fixed an issue causing mobs attacking with the green attack instead of yellow which led to issues like boars receiving stun while hitting the shielding player.
  • Fixed an issue causing the repair icon to stay after the shop window was closed.

You can read more about the update here.

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