Gloria Victis Update v0.9.6 Bug Fixes, Shield Changes, and More

Gloria Victis
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Black Eye Games, the developer of Gloria Victis, recently released a new update that introduces many changes according to player feedback. The siege engines got a small change in terms of hit points. Catapults, for example, are now tougher requiring seven ballista shots or two to four trebuchet hits. Before, catapults could be destroyed with three ballista shots or one trebuchet hit.

Shields were indestructible items in the previous game version. However, developers made a change because of how powerful shields are, especially with medics around. So now, shields can break and can receive damage when hit by arrows or other tools. While the change can take a while to get used to, it makes the game more stimulating to play.

Gloria Victis Update


  • From now on, you can use left and right arrow keys to switch tabs in the character creation screen. You can also use up and down arrow keys to navigate in the character selection screen to choose the character you want to play with. And you can hit Enter to login into the game with the chosen character
  • Improved the user experience in crafting quests, changing the NPC and animal enemies spawns and types
  • Removed the Christmas festive decorations


  • Fixed an issue causing catapults and trebuchets to deal double damage to other siege engines– Fixed colliders of all movable siege machines and small trebuchet
  • Fixed an issue causing objects and characters to temporarily disappear from time to time, in particular places or situations
  • Fixed an issue related to Brandon event gates related to server start trigger
  • Fixed an issue related to Pride Long Forgotten event gate closing timer
  • Fixed the issue causing players were able to look over and interact with objects through the textures
  • Fixed the issue causing server-side errors when a player left the party in 0.5s after placing a party marker on the map
  • Fixed an issue causing blocking the character on ground spikes in some locations
  • Fixed an issue causing the entrance to the dungeon events (Secrets of Serai/Dundrum/Ystad) were not visible on the map when they should have been
  • Fixed an issue causing player could be damaged with an arrow hitting shield on the back if he did not re-equip any item after logging into the game
  • Fixed the camera position on ballista and emperors fire

You can read more about the update here.

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