Gloria Victis Update 337: Quality-of Life-Improvements and Bug Fixes

Gloria Victis Update 337
Gloria Victis Update 337 steam

Gloria Victis is back with another weekly update. This time, the developers are extending the Pride Long Forgotten event and adding Sign from the Gods event. Several improvements and bug fixes have also been added to the game.

Pride Long Forgotten Extension

The developers are extending one of the best locations on the map where players skirmish frequently. That’s right, the Pride Long Forgotten event is going to stay in the game for a much longer time. Now, it comes with a second part that takes place in the dungeon beneath the ruins.

Sign from the Gods Event

In this update, the developers added the Sign from the Gods event, which comes with a visual overhaul. The developers have gone through several changes trying to make the event enjoyable. Now, the meteor falling will light the area on its passage, and the impact will be displayed as a bright blast accompanied by a shock wave.

Gloria Victis Update 337

Other improvements
  • Remastered 3D models of wooden towers, scaffolding, and some more wooden structures.
  • Added quest boards in all locations of the frontier regions.
  • Added markers for quest boards on the map and minimap.
  • Improved optimization of loading models with particle systems included (so lighting mostly), scenes should load more efficiently with less performance overhead.
  • In the game options, moved My Constructions and Skins windows from Misc to Interface Settings.
  • Added My Constructions window to Quick Menu Panel near Minimap.
  • Added dynamic height to nation change message dropdown.
  • Fixed terrain controller. Cases, when players are getting stuck on the loading screen during the game, should be fixed. Due to the issue being very much edge case and hardware related we would be more than happy to hear your feedback if it’s not happening to you anymore.
  • Fixed the issue with renovation/meteoric reinforcement that could bug out processed items.
  • Fixed the issue where the animation and progress bar of the milking minigame was not interrupted when animals died during the interaction.
  • Fixed a problem where ally animals were attacking players that tried to hit them.
  • Fixed an issue where some stairs in the Catacombs and Serai were placed too high to use without a need to jump on them.
  • Fixed the damaged models of wooden stairs in Siege Camps.
  • Replaced "ItemFilterTagArmors" to "ItemFilterTagArmor" in requirements and consequences of Character Development Disassembling tree side panels to translate it properly.

You can read more about the update here.

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