The Gifted Star Emma Dumont Teases Season Finale’s Opening Scene

How far will Polaris go for justice?
How far will Polaris go for justice? The Gifted

Even though The Gifted has a cast full of interesting characters, Polaris and her backstory have been at the center of the story since the very first episode. Her father Magneto, a member of the Hellfire Club and founder of the Brotherhood of Mutants, has a complicated history with the X-Men. The series shies away from explaining how The Mutant Underground relates to it all, but the season finale trailer teases the answers we’ve waited for since day one.

“We find out in the last three episodes the X-Men actually chose Polaris and Thunderbird to lead the mutant underground, but because of Polaris’ issues with her father, who was also a great leader of many groups, she is reluctant at first. We see this in the season finale; it’s the opening scene,” series star Emma Dumont told Player.One last month.

A scene in the trailer suggests Polaris disagrees with both Thunderbird and Eclipse about how to handle the emerging threats of Trask Industries and Sentinel Services, taking matters into her own hands and revealing her true colors.

“She doesn’t want to lead anyone. She didn’t want to be a role model in any way. Now she’s been given this hand and now she has to accept being a leader,” Dumont said. “She finally feels comfortable in that position and she has what it takes. She’s been leading The Underground with Thunderbird for the last five years. That’s great and all, but does she have what it takes to save the world? We’ll find out Season 2.”

Polaris had a lot to process after Dr. Campbell killed Dreamer in the midseason finale. The genetics scientist basically used Dreamer’s life as bait to lure the Strucker siblings, two of the strongest mutants in the world, into amplifying their powers in tandem. Dumont said that all of this is enough to push Polaris to act on her impulses.

Polaris is still coping with Dreamer's murder.
Polaris is still coping with Dreamer's murder. The Gifted

“Lorna is now so much more empathic and erratic and she needs things happening sooner. There is no time to waste. Her best friend was just killed,” she said. “She wasn’t even killed by Sentinel Services, who we thought was the big bad this whole time. Her friend was killed by some other mutant program, the Talon program and Dr. Campbell. Knowing there are so many other groups out there to hurt and abuse mutants, it's freaking Lorna out. It’s driving her insane. She has to do something immediately.”

Polaris and Eclipse have different views of how to help mutants.
Polaris and Eclipse have different views of how to help mutants. The Gifted

She’s not on the best terms with Eclipse either, which could make her choices a bit personal. Polaris’ sole concern is to make a better world for their child.

“Marcos, when he went off doing cartel crimes, that is sort of unforgivable to her. That’s why they are on the rocks still, even though they made up for the time being. I don't know if she’ll ever forgive him for that, even though he’s the love of her life, her best partner and teammate,” Dumont said. “That's why she didn't save him, she walked away from that situation because that, to her, is disgusting.”

Will Polaris leave The Underground for the Hellfire Club?
Will Polaris leave The Underground for the Hellfire Club? The Gifted

The season finale will force Polaris to define her moral code. So far, she’s been able to play both sides. She even agreed to work with the Frost Sisters (members of the Hellfire Club) against the wishes of The Mutant Underground. How far will Polaris go for justice.

“How much better off would she be if she wasn’t a mutant? If she didn’t have Magneto’s mentality and thoughts? How much easier would her life be if she didn’t have any of these things? If she wasn’t pregnant, a mutant, mentally ill, have these crazy passionate feelings about political problems? Her life would be easy, but ignorance is bliss,” she said. “Who ever wanted to not change the world and not live life to its fullest? Who is content like that?”

The Gifted season finale airs Jan. 15.
The Gifted season finale airs Jan. 15. The Gifted

Where will Polaris’ allegiance land? Let us know in the comments. The Gifted season finale airs on Fox Jan. 15.

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