Ghostrunner Gamescom 2020 Trailer Released, Beta Registration Now Open

The fast-paced first-person slasher with heavy parkour elements will also get a big info drop at the upcoming PAX Online 2020.
505 Games has released a brand-new teaser trailer for Ghostrunner.
505 Games has released a brand-new teaser trailer for Ghostrunner. 505 Games

Publishers All In! Games and 505 Games with developers One More Level, 3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks have just unveiled the Gamescom 2020 teaser trailer for their upcoming first-person hack-and-slash game Ghostrunner. Tons of content has also been showcased such as screenshots, key game artwork, and teasers for “big news” to be announced at the upcoming PAX Online 2020. PAX Online will be held on September 15 this year.

For those who are not in the know, Ghostrunner is a lightning-paced first-person action and slasher game set in a cyberpunk-themed world. In this landscape plagued with shortages of resources, chaos, and little to no social order, the player is tasked with heading the last stand against injustice and setting things right before mankind goes over the brink of extinction. Climbing the Dharma Tower – humanity's last shelter – is just the first step until the player can reach the top and face Mara the Keymaster. The Keymaster rules the realm with an iron fist, so it is up to the game’s hero to end Mara's reign once and for all.

Earlier this year, a demo for Ghostrunner was made available by the devs and if we are to stick to their provided overview, the demo has done everything but disappoint. Ghostrunner puts players in the shoes of the “most advanced blade fighter ever created” and it feels just like that. Equipped with their specially made monomolecular katana, the demo has players weaving and dodging bullets, sliding under obstacles, running on walls, jumping huge gaps, and slashing enemies that almost always ends in an extremely bloody fashion. The main challenge of Ghostrunner would be its one-hit one-kill mechanics that require meticulous perfection to pull off. Checkpoints will be the player’s best friend in the unfortunate event that they do make a split-second error.

Ghostrunner is set to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam in 2020. No date has been confirmed yet as to when its launch date will be, but we are likely getting more news on September 15. Ghostrunner's Gamescom 2020 appearance also saw the announcement of the game’s private beta registration, which is currently open.

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