Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed: Haunt Objects and Possess Scared Civilians with new Possessor Ghost

DLC Update 2
DLC Update 2 Twitter/@GhostbustersSU

The asymmetrical multiplayer game Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed has a new update that you definitely want to check out. That’s because this patch introduces the new possessor ghost type.

The possessor is a new ghost type in Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed that is capable of taking over scared civilians and even the most seasoned Ghostbusters out there. The team of possessors includes Scuttle, Hellion, and the infamous Terror Sentinel, which is characterized by its hulking figure - a truly scary sight!

Terror Sentinel
Terror Sentinel Illfonic

Along with the new possessor ghosts, players can now choose one of two minion types, with the first one being Minion Swarm. This type summons a swarm of aggressive minions that patrols an area and attacks anyone they see. The second is called Minion Trap. As the name implies, players can place a trap on floors and objects that will be triggered whenever unfortunate humans walk into its detection field.

Patch Notes

  • New map: S.C.Y County Courthouse
  • New enemy type: Drudges
  • New tenure level: Level 3
  • Increased Experience awarded for the Busters game mode related events to better reward productive Ghostbusting
  • New Announcer dialogue from Catt and Tobin
  • Added Gear Customization preview videos
  • Made improvements lighting in the Ghost Customization menu
  • Made improvements to the frequency and timing of Civilian, Buster, and Ghost voice lines
  • Updated the AAR and Gear menu to reflect when the player has reached the maximum Gear levels
  • Updated the Team Preference and Ready Up UI elements in the Firehouse
  • Updated the UI for the Spores, Mold, and Fungus Collection menu to reflect a completed collection
  • Added SFX for the final 10 countdown UI element
  • Added SFX for destruction of haunted objects
  • Made improvements to the Civilian horrified SFX
  • Added SFX for Civilians reacting to Notice Me
  • Fixed several SFX issues related to objects that roll around
  • Fixed several issues related to contracts not behaving properly
  • Gear Menu has been updated to show clearer information about what each attachment does and what equipping or removing it will do to your current setup
  • Added a feature that briefly increases Tether Form Time on Ghosts that have been recently let go from a Tether
  • Added an “escaped from Tether buff” to Ghosts who are released by the buster just before breaking the Tether
  • Adjusted Busters horrified fear threshold, making it slightly easier to get into a horrified state
  • Slight increase to the angle of magnetism on the Particle Beam when locking onto a ghost
  • Increased Busters personal fear reduction when standing nearby other Busters
  • Reduced the Self Revive and Buster Revive interact times
  • Increased the degradation speed of Tether forming when Tether is not fully formed
  • Slightly increased radius of Minion suction pull on Ghost Trap
  • Clear Slime now automatically reattempts to clear the slime if the Buster is still holding down the Clear Slime input

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

DLC Update 2
DLC Update 2 Illfonic

GhostBusters: Spirits Unleashed Free DLC Update 2 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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