The Ghostbusters Arrived in Planet Coaster: Console Edition

Who you gonna call?
Who you gonna call? Frontier

Planet Coaster: Console Edition announced that it is honoring the movie Ghostbuster with the release of a new pack, Planet Coaster: Ghostbusters. They're launching on April 29 and available for both current-gen and next-gen consoles.

That’s not all as the game is also offering the Studios Pack which comes out on the same date. With these two packs, players are sure to expand their park in new ways.

Scary Stuff

The Ghostbusters Pack offers a new story-driven scenario featuring the vocal talents of both Dan Aykroyd and William Atherton. There’s also a lot of genuine scenery pieces, along with sound effects, from the original 1984 movie. Expect to see pieces like Slimer, ECTO-1, Spook Central, and Ghostbusters HQ. Even the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man makes an appearance.

Moreover, the pack comes with a wide range of new blueprints, various building materials, and a new flat ride and coaster. The RollerGhoster, for example, is a Slimer-themed kiddie coaster that offers several twists and turns. Those who want a more interactive ride can take on The Ghostbusters Experience where guests need to bust ghosts and then earn points.

This pack is available for $14.99.

More Ways to Play

The second offer, Studios Pack, lets players get some exciting stunt shows, design backlot tours, and truly cinematic thrill rides. There are more than 90 new blueprints plus multiple new scenery items and construction pieces. It also has three new rides which are:

  • Big Screen Tour
    • A bus-based ride that brings guests face-to-face with silver screen spectacles.
  • Re-Motion
    • A simulator-style tracked ride where the adjustable robotic arm tilts riders in all directions.
  • Horror Heights
    • A rather chilling drop tower dark ride.

The Studios Pack is available for $9.99.

Planet Coaster is a game where players construct and manage a theme park and it features three modes. In Career Mode, they take on the role of a theme park manager and must finish tasks like hiring maintenance personnel and completing unfinished roller coasters. Meanwhile, the Sandbox Mode gives players an empty piece of land to let them create their own theme park. Finally, there is Challenge Mode similar to Sandbox but more difficult.

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