Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Overview Trailer Asks 'What Is Breakpoint?'

The 6-minute trailer breaks down all the details.
Ubisoft has released a new overview trailer for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.
Ubisoft has released a new overview trailer for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Ubisoft

A new overview trailer for the upcoming open-world action shooter game Ghost Recon Breakpoint has just been released by Ubisoft. Titled “What is Breakpoint?”, the six-minute clip provides a full overview of the game, from the game’s story and modes to the upcoming launch and post-launch plans.

The video starts off by describing the game’s world and story. Set on the fictional Pacific island of Auroa, players assume control of the squad leader Nomad. who is tasked with bringing down the villainous Skell Corporation. This corporation has its headquarters on the island. The journey to bring them down will not be a cakewalk, though, as players must confront their former squad, now named the Wolves.

One of the Ghost Recon series’ strength has always been its multiplayer implementation, which is still present in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The game’s main campaign can either be played solo or with a squad of up to four players. The game also features a shared progression system, ensuring that in your mission to bring down Skell, no teammate will be left behind. As for its missions, we should expect more of the same formula used by its predecessor Ghost Recon Wildlands.

One of the most exciting features introduced in the trailer is its Survival System. Despite its brief part in the clip, this system is already leaps and bounds ahead of Ghost Recon Wildlands. The game now has an injury system and a crafting system to heal your wounds. An overhauled camouflage system is also implemented that will definitely improve in-game immersion. Lastly is the bivouac system, which lets players set up camp before each key mission to give them time to prepare their equipment and even change classes.

Speaking of classes, the game now has four different classes that each have their own special skill trees. They are Assault, Sniper, Panther, and Medic.

The arsenal part of the video includes features such as character customization, weapon upgrades through the Gunsmith, and an array of unique vehicles.

Other features are the already introduced Ghost War, which is a 4v4 PvP game mode. Post-launch features include the planned PvE raids, new faction missions, new class systems such as Engineers, and new episodes that build on the game’s main campaign.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 4, 2019.

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