Get Ready to Create Potions as Nora: The Wannabe Alchemist is Now Out on the Switch

It's an adventure scented with magical vapors. RedDeer.Games

The magic and potion-filled game Nora: the Wannabe Alchemist from RedDeer.Games is now available on the Nintendo Switch. This hand-painted point-and-click game gives players the chance to try their hand at the mysterious arcana of the alchemical arts. They take on the role of one Nora, a rather unlucky girl who seems to have lost her place in a magical school but remains to have great ambitions on becoming the most prominent alchemist.

Reaching the Dream

The road to success though won't be easy especially since it's not only long but also filled with bumps. Making things even more difficult is that her "only" talent appears to be withering plants. However, even with this adversity, this soon-to-be alchemist has no plans of giving up and in fact has now rolled up her sleeves to give it everything she has on the way to fulfilling her dreams.

Becoming an Alchemist

In the game, players need to learn how to prepare potions having different uses. They'll also need to grow the plants needed to be used as ingredients. There's a lot of things to do but it's important to focus as well on planning of operations along with management of resources.

As Nora, players begin the game as a complete amateur, especially when it comes to plants. One of the first things she'll need to learn is how to take care of them. Once she masters that, it's only then that she can start studying how to weigh potions and ultimately sell them to customers. It's going to be difficult considering the Nora is a bit clumsy. The passing of time is also another issue.

Of course, the business is expected to grow as Nora flourishes. She'll get experience as a magical plant gardener and an alchemist. This results in growing the range of potion uses and complexity. This in turn brings in more customers.

While not taking care of plants or creating potions, Nora can do some rearrangements to the interior of the store by unlocking new, and even unusual, decorations. She can also go around the village to meet and make friends.

Nora: The Wannabe Alchemist is also available for the PC via Steam.

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