Generation Zero: The Recon Update Brings New Control Points and Crafting Changes

Generation Zero
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The Recon Update for Generation Zero is finally here, bringing some small changes to crafting, several game adjustments, and multiple bug fixes.

Southcoast Control Points

The developers added four new control points in the Southcoast region. This is great news for players who love to raid the FNIX bases around Östertörn. That’s not all; the developers also added more design elements to improve new players' experience in the game.


In this update, crafting got some changes to make it more enjoyable. The apparel schematics quality now has a sequence. So, if you have a quality-two schematic, the following drop will be of a higher quality schematic. This should make collecting schematics much easier than before and without worrying about getting duplicates.

Generation Zero: The Recon Update

Additional Tweaks and Improvements
  • Quantity is now displayed in the HUD when picking up loot
  • Increased the damage per shot and decreased the fire rate for the Kotenok and S21 to make them feel more like DRMs
  • Increased damage per shot for the AT-WAD to compensate for the small magazine
  • The weapon wheel now displays used-up items as grayed out in the weapon wheel; picking up more of the “remembered” item will automatically place it in the previous slot
  • Bad luck modifiers added to experimental weapon loot; this means that the chance of getting them increase if you have not gotten one over a number of attempts
  • Credits screen is updated to reflect the current team composition
  • Vehicles now use the same movement input as walking; this means that they now will rebind as you rebind the walking keys
Combat, Weapons, and Equipment
  • Fixed an issue where players could take damage from other players using experimental ammo
  • Fixed an issue with Base Defense in Multiplayer where the Client doesn't get rewards or a reward pop-up after finishing a wave
  • Fixed an issue with Base Assault where Control Points cannot get taken over by FNIX in neither the South Coast Region nor the Forest Region
  • Fixed an issue where the Command Center in Base Assault could (in certain cases) be killed before shield generators were destroyed
  • Fixed an issue with Base Defense in Kållebyviken South Coast where none of the machines would shoot at the base
  • Fixed an issue with Base Assault where enemies do not attack the player, they only attack the base itself

You can read more about the update here.

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