GameStop Kicks Off Huge Spring Sale Starting April 7

Great deals on games and consoles from April 7 - 20.
GameStop will be kicking off its Spring Sale starting April 7.
GameStop will be kicking off its Spring Sale starting April 7. GameStop

With the next generation of consoles well on their way to the market, gaming retailers are kicking up their efforts to get current-gen games and consoles to more consumers. Both the Microsoft Store for Xbox and the PlayStation Store have had plenty of great games on sale over the past few weeks, and this time around GameStop pitches in with even more great deals. The GameStop Spring Sale includes consoles, accessories, games, and more starting on Sunday, April 7. Consumers can enjoy big discounts on a wide variety of items for two weeks until the sale ends on Sunday, April 20.

The GameStop Spring Sale has quite a few notable games and gadgets at sizeable discounts. Especially for those who have been waiting for the best games of 2018 and the first quarter of 2019 to come on sale, the GameStop Spring Sale has something for just about everyone.

For games, the folks here at Player.One are definitely eyeing Resident Evil 2, which will be available for $40 (down from $60) and Far Cry New Dawn which will be available for $20 (down from $40 for 50% off). Other notable games are Kingdom Hearts 3, which will be on discount at $40, down from $60. GameStop is also releasing the GameStop-exclusive edition of Red Dead Redemption 2. Dubbed the Ultimate Edition, the game includes exclusive story mode content, bonus content for online play, additional weapons, and an exclusive collectible map, and a collectible steelbox. The Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition will be available for $70 during the GameStop Spring Sale.

Throughout the sale, GameStop will also be providing customers with all kinds of incentives. Consoles and console accessories will be on discount, as will select gaming headsets. Buying an Xbox One X or Xbox One S during the first week will net customers a $50 gift certificate for the GameStop store, and in the second week, any Xbox One purchase will grant buyers a $50 discount on top of an exclusive Founders Pack for Apex Legends.

We don’t know everything about the GameSpot Spring Sale just yet, but we have been able to confirm a few of the planned gaming deals throughout the two-week event. The sale also includes toys and collectible items, as well as bags and apparel. GameStop will also be honoring limited-time only trade-in rates, including $250 In-Store Credit for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X units, $200 Credit for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch units, $150 Credit for Xbox One S trade-ins, and 50% Extra Credit for trade-in games.

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