Gamescom 2019: Tools Up! Officially Revealed, Hitting PC And Consoles Later This Year

The co-op title revolves around renovating houses.
Publisher All In! Games has officially announced Tools Up!, set for a multiplatform release later this year.
Publisher All In! Games has officially announced Tools Up!, set for a multiplatform release later this year. All In! Games

Gamescom is happening throughout the week, and as such gamers can expect a ton of new announcements surrounding highly anticipated titles, as well as new releases from publishers and developers. Nothing beats the excitement surrounding fresh news on upcoming titles, and these are at the center of the five-day major gaming event at the Koelmnesse in Germany. Be sure to stay tuned with us the whole week as we bring you the latest from Gamescom 2019 in the form of the latest trailers, announcements, news and other information drops on all the newest games hitting the market.

The house-renovating co-op game Tools Up! has just released a trailer courtesy of publisher All In! Games (Fort Triumph) and developer The Knights of Unity (Scythe). The one-minute trailer was shown during a Gamescom 2019 appearance and showcases the game’s multiplayer aspects.

Tools Up! is a couch co-op game that is played from a top-down perspective. Playable by up to four players, the game puts you and your friends through a house flipping adventure (without the flipping). Set in a mysterious skyscraper that has been vacated by its inhabitants, it is now in your hands to follow the blueprint they left and renovate their houses. Tear down walls, put down tiles, apply a fresh coat of paint, do whatever you want, just as long as the properties come out better than they were left. This may seem like an easy task, but with four players to keep track of, you might actually end up doing more damage than repairs.

Tools Up! offers a Campaign Mode and a Party Mode for you and your friends to master. Getting the top score for each level, I assume, would require both fast and clean execution of the renovation, which may prove difficult once your friends find out about the shenanigans you can do (moving camera angles, throwing furnitures, throwing your friends, etc.). Lastly, customization options are also available with more than four characters to choose from.

Expected to release in Q3 2019, Tools Up! will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Be sure to stick around for more news on the latest happenings from Gamescom all throughout the week.

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