Make Your Own Games with Game Builder Garage

Unleash those creative juices.
Unleash those creative juices. Nintendo

If you’re one of those hoping to come out with your very own video game, or at the very least get to try, then Game Builder Garage should be something you should consider. That’s because it boasts of doing just that to help you create your own game. Plus, you not only get to make a video game but have other players test it or play what they made.

So how does one create their own game? It has something to do with creatures known as the Nodon. These creatures come with their own personalities and help you build games from scratch. For example, when you connect the Stick Nodon with the Person Nodon, it can allow you to control a character using the analog stick.

Although simple, the variations possible may be as wide as the sky. You're not limited to creating one type of game as you can develop side-scrolling platformers, kart racers, and even space blasters.

You can go through the entire process through trial and error or you can also opt to use the guided lessons. Either way, you get to come up with a game even without any experience in programming.

Two Modes

Game Builder Garage has two modes. When you first start up this game, you’re directed to the Lesson Mode. It is here that you get to meet the Nodon and start making your first game. Step-by-step and interactive lessons are presented for you to follow at your own pace. The lessons themselves have been designed to be both engaging and fun, which makes them perfect regardless of the level of experience. There are even Checkpoints that test your knowledge.

For those who are already familiar with how everything works, they can try the Free Programming mode. This mode also lets you take a closer look at the games other players made and study them.

In a post, Nick Chavez of Nintendo said that Game Builder Garage is a good way for those looking to make their own games. He added that the Nodon characters and guided lessons are what allows learning possible and enjoyable.

Sharing is Caring

Now, making your own game won’t be as fun if there’s no one to try it. Game Builder Garage has a feature that lets you exchange and download games with family and friends. This can be done through the internet or even a local wireless connection.

Game Builder Garage will come out on June 11 and exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, and it’s priced at $29.99.

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