FX 'Atlanta’ Soundtrack: Every Song In Episodes 1 & 2

FX ‘Atlanta’ Soundtrack: Every Song In Episodes 1 & 2
Donald Glover stars in 'Atlanta.' FX

Donald Glover’s new show on FX, Atlanta, is lit and it's not just because of Darius. It’s the music too. Ever since Glover released the first teaser, you’ve probably had that Tame Impala stuck in your head. A lot of fans have been asking for an official soundtrack, something along the lines of shows like Empire or Power. But since we don't have that yet, here’s a list of all the songs in Atlanta episodes 1 & 2.

‘New Person, Same Old Mistakes’ - Tame Impala

This is Atlanta ’s intro song, played over and over again in the teasers. If you're a fan of Tame Impala, you recognize this record from their latest album, Currents.

‘One Time’ - Migos

Right after the guy kicks Alfred’s car mirror, this song starts playing. Earn tries to talk him down, but they end up getting arrested on marijuana charges after an altercation.

‘No Hook’ - OJ Da Juiceman

This is the song Earn is listening to in the morning when he wakes up next to his ex-girlfriend, Van.

'SNS' - Sango & Waldo

When Earn asks Alfred to hire him as his manager, Alfred basically tells Earn to F off. To convince his cousin, Earn slips Alfred’s ‘Paper Boi’ record to the local radio station. This is the song that Dave (the white DJ that thinks it’s okay to say “nigga” around him) is playing when Earn drops of the CD.

‘Don’t Disturb This Groove’ - The System

Earn listens to this song while he’s on the bus with his sleeping daughter. A man approaches Earn to give him advice, then asks Earn to take a bite out of his PBJ sandwich before he abruptly gets off and calmly walks into the woods, leaving a jar of Nutella on the bus seat.

‘Law’ - Yo Gotti feat. E-40

This song plays in the opening sequence after Alfred’s name gets called for release in jail, but Earn still waits to post bail.

‘Running Threw It’ - Rich Kid

Alfred stops at the gas station to pick up some Swishers and this is the song playing in his car while he pumps his gas.

‘Let Me Find Out’ - Doe B

Alfred goes to Uncle Riley’s house to ask him about the possibility of Earn being his manager. Darius asks Riley if he can measure his tree and Earn’s dad says he doesn’t know why his son was expelled from Princeton. This is the song bumpin the car when Alfred arrives.

‘Grandma’s Hands’- Bill Withers

Glover chooses a Bill Withers classic for the credits at the end of episode 2.

Unfortunately, there’s nowhere to listen to a song we may have heard too many times last night (yet)-- Paper Boi’s ‘Paper Boi.’ Donald Glover’s brother, Stephen, provided the vocals for the single. Chemist, who has worked with Tory Lanez and Nipsey Hussle, produced the song. The beat was inspired by “Umma do me” by Atlanta rapper Rocko.

There’s also a few records from the trailers/teasers, most of which pass by too fast to recognize. I’m sure we’ll hear more of those in the upcoming episodes, but ‘Sleepless’ by Flume caught my ear. Check out this fan-made Spotify playlist containing most of the songs above.

Atlanta airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX. Check back for all the songs in Atlanta episode 3, ‘Go for Broke.’

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