The Future Of Slots In The US Looks Set To Be Online

The Future Of Slots In The US Looks Set To Be Online
The Future Of Slots In The US Looks Set To Be Online Pixabay

The past two years have really shown us how quickly we can adapt to online alternatives to our usual pastimes. We’ve been shopping online for years but now most of us have gotten used to having work meetings and spending time with friends and loved ones online.

Online casinos are part of this trend towards moving entertainment online. While there will always be dedicated gamblers who need to feel the cards in their hand to really feel like they’re playing, it looks like the future of slots in the United States will be online.

While these trends are nationwide, it is important to keep in mind the fact that each state has its own gambling laws. The authoritative guide to popular slot sites by provides information on the legal status of online gambling in each state alongside information on the best online casinos.

In this article , we’ll examine some of the key factors contributing to the success of online slot games. These include the rise of digital entertainment more generally, the effectiveness of cross-platform branded media and the draw of celebrity.

Rise Of Digital Alternatives

The rise in popularity of online slot games is part of a wider move towards digital entertainment of all kinds. Netflix and other streaming platforms have been major contributors to this phenomenon. With quality content available at home, why go out?

We can take the release of Dune as an example of these changing tastes. Even though the sci-fi epic features staggering visuals best seen on the big screen, millions of viewers chose to stream it online instead of going out to see it.

The popularity of online casinos reflects these changing tastes. As online casinos offer more variety while maintaining a similar experience to a land-based casino, it becomes a question of whether or not users feel like it’s worth going out to play slot games.

The answer at this point appears to be no. In an era where convenience is quickly becoming king, where free time is increasingly precious, it can be hard to rationalize a trip to a physical casino. This can be seen in the opening of new online casinos as land-based casinos are closing their doors.

Cross-Platform Brands

With the rise of digital entertainment, we are also seeing more cross-platform properties. Brands are able to convert their popular media into other formats in order to grow their audiences, increase their market share and to reach new audiences.

In previous decades, we’d mainly see this sort of expansion in the production of merchandise. Popular films and television shows would produce toys, clothing and other merchandise to appeal to their audiences , with the occasional spin-off series as well.

Today, there are so many more opportunities for brands to create content across a variety of platforms. One of the most lucrative moves we’re seeing currently is the step from video games to television shows and/or movies .

The case of Arcane and League of Legends is a perfect example. Both properties are created by Riot Games, one of the biggest video game developers in the world. League of Legends is their incredibly popular MOBA video game.

The original video game has little to no plot or character development. The story elements have been added to the other types of media that Riot Games has produced surrounding League of Legends. These include comic books, music videos and a collectible card game.

Arcane is the latest part of this brand empire. It is an animated series on Netflix that has quickly become the most-watched show on the platform. It is essentially a prequel to the video game. Its popularity is down to two interrelated factors.

The first is that League of Legends already has a massive fanbase that will consume any media related to the game. The second is that as a show rises in popularity, people who aren’t familiar with the franchise become interested, or in classic modern fashion, worry about missing out and watch it to stay connected.

Slot games are just another link in the cross-platform chain. They are a great way to bring fans of the original video game content back to gaming. Fans enjoy being able to step back into a familiar world due to nostalgia.

Since these properties already have an established fanbase, it is a relatively safe investment to expand into other media, like television shows or slot games. This also works in reverse. Fans of online slots might discover a new game or television show they love because they were intrigued by the slot game that inspired it.

The developers of online slot games are able to respond to emerging trends like this and quickly capitali z e on their popularity. Physical slot machines are slower to produce and can therefore miss out on these opportunities.

As game developers and online casino sites reali z e what a great opportunity cross-platform brand content is, they are likely to keep pushing for online slot games that reflect what is popular at the moment.

Power Of Celebrity

Casinos have been using celebrity-themed slot games to draw in customers for decades. The main problem though is the speed at which a celebrity's popularity rises and falls in our fast-paced media landscape.

In order for a casino to be willing to invest in a physical slot machine with a celebrity theme, they have to be certain that that person’s stardom won’t fade. It’s a safe bet to have a Dolly Parton slot machine because she is and always will be an icon. Hulk Hogan? Less so.

Online slots don’t have to worry about the enduring popularity of a celebrity. If someone loses popularity or is involved in a scandal, their game can simply be removed from the site. There is less of an investment when the game is digital.

This means that online casinos can feature slots that are incredibly responsive to trends and pop culture. From celebrity royalty like Madonna to reality television stars like the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, they all have fans who are happy to play slots inspired by them.

The big resort casinos in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City will always be able to attract an audience and spending a day at the casino playing cards will remain a weekend getaway for avid gamers. However, online slot games are going to be the norm in the future. Not only are they more convenient and require less of a commitment, but they also are a better fit for our increasingly digital culture. Online slot games are able to reflect pop culture trends and embrace what’s new and relevant.

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