Fury Unleashed Update 1.5 Patch Notes Include Scaling System, Game Balances, And More

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Awesome Games Studio recently released a new update for Fury Unleashed that adds new features such as interface scaling. Interface scaling allows players to change the size and quality of text in-game for those who are sitting far away from their screens. The developers have made some small changes which make the game more fun for players that are starting out by improving weapon damage and speed, while also reducing the health of bosses, making them easier to beat.

Fury Unleashed Update 1.5 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

Interface scaling!

Some of you were asking us for a way to increase the readability of the game, especially on smaller screens or being far from the TV. Thanks to your feedback, there's now a new slider in the options menu. It lets you decide on the size of the in-game font as well as of selected interface elements. Grab your favorite brand of tea, cover yourself with a blanket, and unleash your fury from the comfort of your sofa, without the added strain on your eyes.

Steam Rich Presence!

That might not blow your mind but will blow those of your buddies on the Steam Friends List. Now, everyone can see which part of the comic-book universe are you in at a current moment, and why are you fighting those aliens without them. Tell them not to worry, as Steam Remote Play works as intended, and online co-op will come when ready!

Balance changes!

We want the game to be fun for everyone, and not feel too long or too short for anyone, so we keep our fingers on the pulse. Some tactics like stacking lots of armors were a bit overpowered, so we're tweaking them, as well as making adjustments to the leveling curve, for the game to feel more rewarding and less grindy.

  • Starting weapons are now better, faster, stronger.
  • Environmental traps are slower on the first comic-book page.
  • Armors are weakened by having fewer defense points. Toss a coin to your armorer~
  • Bosses now have less HP across the board. Less bullet-spongy, same unhealthy-deadly.
  • More black ink drops from basic enemies, but less for elite, bosses, and from item trades.
  • Less ink from the combo multiplier. You're still awarded more of it, but not in an unhealthy way.

And more!

  • New skin colors to choose from for both of the default Fury models.
  • SteelSeries GameSense support added to make your life more colorful.
  • Improvements and corrections to some of the game's language versions.

Also, bugfixes:

  • One of the challenges from the Death NPC will no longer occasionally crash the game.
  • Descriptions of enchants on weapons should now properly fit the text panel in every language.
  • Additional preventions against being locked outside rooms hosting a Sketch Chaos Invasion event.
  • The Bat enemy no longer makes ears bleed with how loud it screeches. It screams in pain quietly.
  • Other, minor stuff, we've fixed along the way.
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