Freedom Planet 2: Softlock Issues Addressed in Update 1.0.4r

Freedom Planet 2
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Freedom Planet 2 is a fun 2D side-scrolling, action platformer developed by GalaxyTrail. In this game, you’ll play as one of the four heroes of Avalice in a quest to stop an ancient terror that emerged as a result of the Kingdom Stone’s destruction.

The game is still rough around the edges, but GalaxyTrail continues to make good progress with regular updates. In fact, Update 1.0.4r was released recently, which brought some bug fixes that the game needs.

You see, Update 1.0.4r addressed a few annoying softlock issues in Freedom Planet 2. One notable fix is that the game will no longer softlock in the main menu after pressing start if a corrupted save file is detected.

In addition, a particular event in the Royal Palace where Leone would give you an option to dine with Askal is removed in story parts where he is not present in the tavern. The reason for this is that it was causing the game to softlock.

Patch Notes

  • Nalao Lake
    • Increased the hitbox of the Star Card for this stage to try and make softlocks less likely.
  • Inversion Dynamo
    • Restructured the early upper path that leads to the first cutscene, in order to remove a section the player could potentially get permanently stuck in and to make it easier to understand that the player must backtrack for a bit before they can continue with the stage.
    • The layout of the upper path before the final checkpoint (with the teleporter maze) has been tightened to make it far less likely that players will travel in circles.
  • Merga
    • Supermoon knives and swords are now tagged as Metal and can be blocked with a Metal shield.
    • Lilith's petal blades and tornado funnel were mistakenly given each other's elements. The petals are now tagged as Wood and the tornado is now tagged as Metal, and they can be blocked with Wood and Metal shields respectively.
  • Time Capsule Sidequest
    • Added an animated glow to the time capsule in the museum.
    • Fixed the glow remaining on the console if the player skips the cutscene while it's active.
    • In the "You Got A Time Capsule!" menu, the Continue option no longer jitters horizontally. Additionally, a new message box will appear upon collecting the first time capsule to remind players of where they can find more.
    • Retooled the meter on the HUD in the secret stage so that it does not hide itself again until the alertness level stops decreasing. Additionally, the meter visually resets with each alert level increase. This should make it easier to understand at a glance how the mechanic works and what to do to avoid filling the meter.

Freedom Planet 2 Update 1.0.4r is available on PC.

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