Free Fire Has a Surprise Crossover With One-Punch Man

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There’s no question that there’s a lot of battle royale games in the market today. So, how do you make yourself stand-out? For Free Fire, it's none other than launching a crossover event with a very famous series.

The mobile battle royale is set to launch its first crossover event of the year with One-Punch Man. Dubbed as “The Hero Trial,” it puts players under the leadership of Saitama and his disciple Genos. With this, everyone has the chance to release their inner power and become the hero they were destined to be.

The crossover event starts on January 10 and offers a lot of One-Punch Man related in-game content.

By simply joining the game, players will immediately experience the crossover event. However, on January 15 the game is going to make changes to the main interface to reflect iconic elements of the anime series. Players can expect easter eggs on spawn island along with reskins of many in-game assets, like airships and airdrops.

Fashion Items

Once the crossover begins, everyone gets access to different fashion items inspired by the series, all of which meant to have them battle in style. Experience character costumes for Saitama and Genos along with Gloo Wall skins. Players can even get the “I’m Saitama” emote. There are also two new weapon skins, which are the Megapunch M1887 and M4A1.

Not satisfied? Players who log in on January 23 get to receive a Saitama Surfboard skin for free.

Earn Exciting Rewards

Of course, it’s not just all about fashion. Starting January 15, Saitama will hold special training sessions to give players the chance to earn exciting rewards. For each training session, players are asked to defeat monsters that can drop boxes in three tiers of rarity. That means the higher the tier, the higher the rarity of the item.

Remember, not everyone can be a disciple, and so players need to earn that right. To do that, they need to collect One-Punch Man tickets from the in-game map drops and finish daily missions.

Path to Hero

On top of those, a Path to Hero web event will go live where players can earn extra rewards. It will begin on January 16 until 26 and send will players on a journey filled with monsters and treasure boxes.

So, are you ready for this collaboration event?

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