Fortnite Is Still Available To Play On Mobile Via Galaxy Store

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An ongoing disagreement between Epic Games, Apple, and Google has led to the removal of Fortnite from the App Store and Google Play Store. It has been reported that the game has been going against both storefront policies by offering direct purchases from within the game. This bypasses Google's and Apple's cuts of each sale, which caused both tech giants to pull the game from their stores. However, gamers who use a Samsung device can easily download the game from the Samsung Galaxy Store, despite the ongoing legal affair between Epic and the popular app stores.

Epic Games has been stating that Apple and Google Play Store have been monopolizing the app market, resulting in huge profit shares from developers. Many individual developers and companies have sided with Epic Games while Epic is involved in the legal battle. Samsung is one of those companies that is taking advantage of the situation and assuring gamers that its relationship with Epic Games continues to be strong. 

Amidst the dispute, Samsung has taken the time out to remind players that Fortnite is available on the Galaxy Store. Recently, Apple also refused to collaborate with Microsoft's Project xCloud, citing that there are too many games on Game Pass that will require continuous regulation. Samsung, however, has embraced game streaming and seems to be implementing better gaming functionality on its devices.

Samsung's announcement regarding Fortnite's availability on the Galaxy Store has received some mixed reactions. On one hand, Android users are glad as it has become easier for them to download the game. On the other hand, some people think that Epic Games has violated Apple's and Google's policies, and is now using its fanbase and social media to force Apple to compromise.

The legal issues between Epic Games and Apple seem to be only growing hotter by the day. It will be interesting to see whether both of these companies will come to a resolution or not. Meanwhile, Samsung will use this opportunity to try to brand itself as a leading mobile gaming platform.

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