Fortnite Launching Chapter 2 Season 3 On June 11

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More time to finish.
More time to finish. Epic Games

Fortnite revealed that Chapter 2 – Season 3 is all set to be launched on June 11. This means that Season 2 is going to be extended by another week, giving players more time to finish it and get rewards.

Finally, there’s also going to be a one-time-only live event known as The Device, which is happening this Saturday, June 6. For those interested, this one starts at 2:00 PM EST, so be sure to show up early since space is limited.

Season 2 Recap

Just to recap, Chapter 2 – Season 2 was all about Top Secret stuff. In this season, players got the chance to Play Spy Games as the island was taken over by covert operatives. Players got to choose which side to join, Ghost or Shadow. There also was a lot of Secret Locations scattered across the island.

Season 2 also offered a Battle Pass where players could choose their agent from the top ranks. Each Battle Pass Agent brought their own unique signature style. These agents are:

  • Brutus
    • He may look tough but he continues to be conflicted when it comes to which side to join.
  • Maya
    • Considered as a master of disguise, this good agent continues to be shrouded in secrecy. Once each of her customization options are unlocked, it offers more than a million possible looks.
  • Meowscles
    • He may have been kicked out of The Yacht but he continues to keep spinning his yarn.
  • Midas
    • An expert in espionage and is said to have untold riches. No matter which side he joins he always manages to find a way to benefit.
  • TNTina
    • She has what is clearly a dangerous and explosive hobby, though she’s a good addition no matter which side she joins.
  • Skye
    • Players looking for a new adventure can choose this agent. The only catch is that she brings along her best friend Ollie.

Console Update

Fortnite said it’s going straight to next-generation consoles at launch. This is going to be the same game, but a version that uses the full advantage of what new consoles have to offer. While no specifics were revealed, the Fortnite version to be released right at the launch of the next-gen consoles is going to make use of Unreal Engine 4. However, by mid-2021, the game is then going to shift to Unreal Engine 5.

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