Fortnite Launches Impostors Mode, Much Like Among Us

The sincerest form of flattery?
The sincerest form of flattery? Epic Games

Fortnite introduced a new game mode dubbed Impostors. It allows a maximum of 10 players with eight of them acting as Agents and trying to maintain the Bridge. The other two are the Impostors who are trying a takeover. Sounds familiar? That’s because it has the same gameplay as Among Us.

Let’s take a look into the mechanics of this new mode and see if it really is like Among Us.

Agents vs. Impostors

The Bridge is powered by different facilities and the goal of the Agents of the Imagined Order is to make sure everything stays the same. Assignments that need to be completed include repairing the Battle Bus or calibrating chests and llamas. At any point during the game, an Agent can file a report after which everyone is teleported to The Bridge. The Agent who filed the report can inform the others who the Impostor is and then vote them out.

Impostors on the other hand have a different goal. They need to eliminate enough Agents to take control of The Bridge. To make that happen, Impostors have various ways:

  • Disable Assignments
    • Temporarily freeze progress on all Assignments and give Impostors extra time.
  • Teleport Players
    • Impostors can cover their tracks by relocating everyone to another area.
  • Peely Party
    • For a short time, everyone, both Agents and Impostors, can look like Peely so everyone blends in the crowd.


For Agents to win, they need to find out who the Impostors are and this can be done through voting. Agents can Force a Discussion to talk about what’s going on and who could be responsible. Information can be shared through Emotes or the new Quick Chat menu.

After each Discussion, there is the choice to vote for someone to be ejected or skip the vote entirely. For each Agent voted out, it means one step closer for the Impostors to win.

The Verdict

The Impostors game mode is very similar to the mechanics in Among Us . In fact, people at Innersloth aren't really amused. Community director Victoria Tran tweeted that this mode could have been a “really cool” collaboration. Adding that while the game mechanics are fine, Fortnite should have used different themes. Adriel Wallick also chimed in and said that she was feeling pretty “bummed.”

What are your thoughts on this?

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