Forager To Launch On PS4 And Switch On July 30

The title is currently enjoying a very positive reception on Steam.
Forager gets a July 30 release date for the PS4 and the Switch.
Forager gets a July 30 release date for the PS4 and the Switch. HopFrog

The open-world crafting RPG Forager will be coming to the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4 on July 30, as announced by publisher Humble Bundle on their official Twitter account.

Developer HopFrog’s Forager is an open-world survival game that gives you one goal: Go do whatever you want. The game provides the player a vast environment to explore, tons of resources to mine and exploit, the option to build your own home base, and a number of varying playstyles.

You can become a Gatherer that forages for all sorts of resources, consumables, and materials. If you’re not the nomadic type, you can also settle down and become a Farmer by growing and harvesting different flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Heck, you can even plant and grow rocks or minerals if you try hard enough. If making cash is your bag, you also have the option of becoming a Merchant. Earn money by aggressively trading and selling your goods at a profit. If you want to live your Forager life on the edge, becoming an Adventurer is the occupation for you. Acquire resources by doing raids against numerous enemies and mighty bosses. Lastly, you can be a Builder and focus on creating your base out of nothing, choosing between agriculture and industry, and defending against the occasional jealous invaders.

Currently holding a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, Forager feels and plays like it was meant to be released on console like the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Its core gameplay mechanics and controls feel better when using a controller. The pixel art is very reminiscent of the OG Legend of Zelda, with elements from its genre comrades such as Terraria and Stardew Valley. It’s already a guarantee at this point that genre fans will enjoy Forager’s version for the Nintendo Switch.

Forager will be available for purchase on the PlayStation Store for the PlayStation 4 and on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch come July 30. Currently, it’s on sale for the PC via Steam for the price of $16.99.

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