Floppy Knights: v2.0 Update Introduces New Playable Characters Alex and Snarlton

Update v2.0
Update v2.0 Steam

Rose City Games brings some joy to players of Floppy Knights with the release of its second major update. Update v2.0 introduces new content, including new playable characters and a new set of Slime Cards, among other things.

Floppy Knights is a deck-building tactics game where players have complete control over which set of cards they want to incorporate into their decks. There are even complimentary cards to enable execution of seamless combos; the possibilities are endless! There are even different decks to suit various playstyles as well. For example, the Monsters Deck that specializes in tankiness with additional armor can trade HP for buffs.

Update v2.0 adds some really exciting content like the addition of new playable characters, Alex and Snarlton. They are available in a brand-new side quest with four new stories and challenge levels.

In addition, players can use a brand-new set of Slime Cards during the new side quest. These can be unlocked and used in the base game by finishing the new content in this patch.

Aside from that, Update v2.0 includes new Assist Mode options, settings that make Floppy Knights more beginner-friendly by giving newbies much-needed boosts. For instance, activating “Novice Knight” lets newbies start each turn with +1 Energy and all of their units gain +1 ATK as well. Furthermore, enemies only have half of their original HP, making them easier to defeat.

Here are the other noteworthy content and features in this patch:

  • Additional cards for Plants, Monsters, Hooligans, and Prototype rewarded from beating Challenge Levels
  • 24 New Levels
  • Over 50 new cards
  • New Assist Mode Options:
    • Energy Booster: Start each turn with +2 Energy
    • Second Chance: Once per level, when a Commander is defeated, instead set its HP to 1
  • Resized textures on certain platforms and improved resource loading to reduce load times and improve overall gameplay performance
  • Improvements to move range calculation to improve performance during battles
  • Reduced the amount of screen tearing during some players may see during map scrolling
  • A short hitch when pressing TAKE button on reward screen has been resolved
  • Resolved the short delay on the CHOOSE YOUR DISK screen
  • Copy adjustment on Write That Down to clarify Prototype units keep their buffs on return
  • Changed a spawner in level 5-2 where an enemy could take a turn immediately after spawning in, which was inconsistent from other levels
  • HP nerf to Ice Goopers
  • Call For Backup can no longer be played on enemy spawners or button tiles
  • Fixed an issue with Roots card, which made certain challenge levels too challenging
  • Resolved an issue causing a soft lock during level 7-2 narrative scene when playing in Simplified Chinese
  • Prevented a soft lock that was possible during the Monster Deck tutorial

Floppy Knights Update v2.0 is available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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