‘The Flash’ Season 3 Spoilers: Does Iris Die? Five Finale Scenarios

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What is West-Allen's fate? CW

This is not a drill. The Flash Season 3 episode 22, “Infantino Street" culminated in the moment no fan ever thought would happen. Iris? More like Bye-ris. Spoilers ahead!

Tracy Brand's speed force weapon wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Photo: CW

Iris is dead. Savitar stabbed her through the chest after defeating The Flash, who tried to stop him using Tracy Brand’s speed force trap gun. A really really sad song, actually titled “Murder Song (5,4,3,2,1)," played in the background of Barry’s worst nightmare. The Philosopher’s stone, which Barry threw into the speed force hoping Savitar could not ever get ahold of, is “calcified speed force energy” that somehow protects Savitar from getting locked up in there again.

Captain Cold and The Flash went through the trouble of breaking into ARGUS to steal some alien technology leftover from The Dominators invasion. Turns out it wouldn’t matter, because Savitar would have been dumb not to figure out how to prevent what got him in the speed force to begin with. Although, if H.R. hadn’t opened up his mouth and told Savitar (disguised as Barry) that Iris was hiding on Earth-2 with Harry Wells, they might have been able to prevent her death for at least a little longer.

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So what are Barry’s options now? How can he stop Savitar and maybe save Iris too? Well, Barry could go back in time and try to prevent it a second time. Or he could take his chances and go back and re-do Flashpoint.  He did just break the rules to scoop Leonard Snart from the 1800s. While we would hope he’s learned his lesson not to time travel again, it certainly wouldn’t be out of character for him to do it anyway.

Will the speed force get involved? This option could involve Black Flash defeating Savitar and coming after him in the same way Eobard Thawne was killed on Legends . Or, Barry could sacrifice himself to a lifetime inside the speed force to erase Savitar (or something like that.)

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There’s also the possibility that wasn’t Iris who died. Harry Wells is very clever and it's possible he developed something on the fly to trick Savitar into thinking that was Iris. After all, we did just see Barry use face-switching technology to sneak into ARGUS.

We also did not see the end of the battle between Vibe and Killer Frost. In the future Barry visited, Vibe actually loses both his hands in the battle with Killer Frost. Since time is not set in stone, we don’t know for sure this will happen in the finale too. It’s possible Vibe is able to get Killer Frost back on the good side to help the team take down Savitar.

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Hopefully, Barry will visit Jay Garrick to give him some wisdom and keep him from becoming evil. Whatever the solution is, Iris would not have wanted Barry to go back in time once again to save her. There has got to be another way. As Barry has said time and time again, there is no Flash without Iris West. However, that doesn’t mean there is no Iris West without The Flash. Maybe Barry will finally be the selfless hero we’ve been waiting to see.

What is West-Allen's fate? Photo: CW

If you want extreme spoilers for the Seaosn 3 finale, including a revealing set video and photos teasing a very important scene, follow this link. Check out the trailer for Season 3 episode 23, “Finish Line,” below.

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