‘The Flash’ Season 3 Finale's Funniest GIFS, Memes & Reactions

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The Flash's suit in 2024. CW

The Flash Season 3 finale was crazy. Barry went into the speed force not to live inside the prison, but to learn from his mistakes and atone for Flashpoint, where he went back in time to save his mother Nora. While Barry officially passed on the Flash legacy to Wally before he left, there’s no question he will be back next season. Flashpoint, last season's big comic-inspired event and the only reason Savitar destroyed everything Barry ever loved, lasted less than two episodes without Barry as the titular hero. While Season 4 will likely start with Kid Flash as Flash, exactly like last season, there will never be The Flash without Barry Allen playing an integral role.

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Whether you liked how crazy the finale was or not, nobody can deny it was absolutely absurd. HR used face-swapping tech to sacrifice himself for Iris. Black Flash was killed by an icicle. Jay Garrick appears for like, all of two seconds. The fastest man alive got shot. The Philosopher’s stone just explodes for no reason. Kid Flash mysteriously still has his powers even though Savitar has been erased from existence. Barry even tried to make nice with the man who he’s watched kill Iris for like 6 months over and over again. The Flash smiles like he’s going to Chuck E. Cheese’s when he walks off into the speed force manifestation of Nora Allen.

So to celebrate the upcoming four months of shitposting, here’s the best GIFS, memes and reactions from The Flash Season 3 finale.


[Spoilers] We already know who Caitlin will become next season from FlashTV


[Finale Spoilers] Let the memes begin from FlashTV



My friend showed my this, and I'm not sure if it has been already posted but here you are! from FlashTV


[spoilers] wtf this does not make sense from FlashTV


[No spoilers] Before we go into hiatus... Our sub's most glorious moment from FlashTV


The answer to all the plot holes of season 3 from FlashTV


[FINALE SPOILERS] The real greatest battle of this finale from FlashTV


Unedited footage of Barry entering Savitar's suit


Tonight, on a Very Special Episode of The Flash from FlashTV

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