The Flash, Arrow Crisis On Earth-X CW Crossover Teaser And Details Released

DCTV's heroes will fight their evil doppelgangers in this year's crossover event.
DCTV's heroes will fight their evil doppelgangers in this year's crossover event. CW

The first trailer for the crossover between Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow lasts as long as Oliver Queen saying, “We fight to protect the people we love.” Supergirl, Green Arrow, White Canary and Alex Danvers walk together through the hallway of Star Labs and appear to be on their way to intercept a group of Nazi soldiers.

That’s all the fifteen second teaser offers, but there are many implications that can be made. Firstly, this year's crossover will start off on Supergirl on Nov. 27. Since Earth-X is a world where Nazi’s won World War II, it’s seems more probable someone from there would come to Earth Prime. It could be The Ray (played by Russell Tovey) who comes to Earth-38 and warns Supergirl about an impending invasion of the Arrowverse character's evil versions of themselves. He asks for help, and in turn, Supergirl uses the interdimensional extrapolator Cisco gave her to visit Barry Allen and Oliver Queen.

It has yet to be revealed when the characters from all four shows will come together. Since Supergirl and Arrow air back to back, fans are curious to see whether it will be just Supergirl and Green Arrow alone without The Flash for a while. If, so that should be some great television.

In the comics, Earth-X is the home of the Freedom Fighters. That’s not a coincidence. CW Seed is launching a series called Freedom Fighters: The Ray. The animated series will be a part of the Arrowverse in the same way as Vixen. The Freedom Fighters exist in a world where the Nazis won WWII, just as we’ll see in the Crisis on Earth-X crossover.

The logline for the crossover poster is, “ With all the heroes in town to celebrate Barry and Iris’ wedding, villains from Earth-X crash the festivities with a deadly agenda.” As for The Ray, not much is known of his origins. In the comics, his name was Raymond Terrill. He was a reporter who was investigating government scientists researching how to turn light into weapons. But the project exposed him to a genetic light bomb, granting him the ability to absorb, store and process light -- meaning he can fly and create bursts of radiation. That’s when he joined the Freedom Fighters.

For more on the Crisis On Earth X crossover’s connection to the comics, check out our previous coverage breaking down the poster. Are you excited for the event? Let us know in the comments.

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