Fire Emblem Heroes Now Offers A Monthly Subscription Pass

Ready for this?
Ready for this? Nintendo

Free-to-play mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes revealed that it is planning to offer a monthly subscription feature. It's not really a surprise, as Nintendo has been doing this for their mobile games like Mario Kart Tour. While the subscription is optional, it's not getting support from the fans.

Dubbed as the Feh Pass, this monthly subscription comes at a rather pricey $9.49. However, the pass grants access to five important add-ons. The first is the ability to be able to rewind the turn-based strategy maps. This should lead players to try out new strategies. Then there's the Auto Start feature which allows players to have the AI begin multiple matches in a row. This automatic grinding features means being able to replay levels many times. The monthly pass also lets players choose up to three units and gain extra stat bonuses. In the base game, players only get one stat bonus.

There are also going to be special quests that reward players with rather hard to obtain in-game items. There's also what is known as Resplendent Heroes, which are given twice each month. Compared to the regular versions, these Resplendent versions have both new artwork and received boosted stats.

There's no question that the features are indeed exciting and can change how the game is played. That said, the price is sure going to be the issue. Mario Kart Tour, for comparison, offers a pass at $4.99. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp also offers a pass, but this one is priced at $2.99.

The idea for a monthly subscription is likely owe to the failed "experiment" that was Super Mario Run. That game let players download Super Mario Run for free and gave access to the first few levels. However, to unlock the whole game players had to spent $9.99. That failure led Nintendo to look at other revenue models.

As one would expect, the news of having a paid subscription is not sitting well with fans. It's not just about having a pay-to-play features, but it's also on the price of the subscription. PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold cost $9.99 a month and can even go lower for those who opt for annual rates. A Switch Online membership, meanwhile, is even cheaper at $4 per month. In fact, this Feh Pass even costs more than many monthly subscriptions of streaming services.

What about you? Are you in or out for this monthly subscription? Would you be more interested if the price was lowered? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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