The Final Shape Expansion for Destiny 2 Delayed to June 2024

It looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer. Bungie

Developer Bungie announced that it is delaying the release of The Final Shape expansion for Destiny 2. It is now set to be released to June 4, 2024.

Considering that this upcoming expansion serves as the culmination of the first ten years of the game's storytelling, there is the question of why there is a delay. According to a statement released by the studio, they need more time to "deliver an even bigger and bolder vision" and it should be a version that's not only remembered but also treasured by players for years to come.

Season of the Wish

The delay in the launch of the expansion means that there are changes to the release calendar. Season of the Wish has already started and is expected to extend until The Final Shape comes out in June. Majority of the content and narrative that has been planned for Season of the Wish is set to still run from late November and all the way to February next year. However, this means that new content is going to be added until the new expansion is released.

2024 Roadmap

When February 2024 rolls in, players can look forward to the new weekly progression-based quests known as Wishes. At this time, Moments of Triumph is also launching which comes with its own unique rewards. This also means that Guardian Games is now going to be released on March. This is going to offer a refreshed focus when it comes to class vs. class competition.

By the time April rolls in, there's going to be a two-month content update that's available to all players. Titled as Destiny 2: Into the Light, it's going to prepare everyone for their Guardian's journey into the Traveler. This is not all that's coming out since there's also the PvP Strike Team which include three new PvP maps to be added in May.

Expected Action

While players may have been surprised with the delay, some industry insiders were likely expecting it. According to a report, there were already talks of a possible delay after the studio revealed it was making layoffs. Around 8% of employees were laid off which affected the studio's community management, engineering, and even social media.

What about you? Are you okay with the delay?

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