Final Gear: Pre-registration Now Ongoing

Final Gear
Final Gear Komoe Technology Limited

Do you want to play a game with mechs and maidens? If so, you might want to sign up for Final Gear ahead of its release.

Those who pre-register today are eligible for some in-game goodies. The things that you get will depend on how many people end up pre-registering before the game’s launch next month.

What is Final Gear?

Final Gear is a mech-styled strategy mobile RPG that features mechs and maidens and is developed and published by Komoe Technology Limited.

If you are interested in playing the game, pre-registration is now underway for Android and iOS devices.

Here are the pre-registration rewards that you can expect:

  • 20,000: 110,000 Gold Coins
  • 50,000: 50x Appointed Development Part
  • 80,000: SR Natasha
  • 100,000: “Lil” Northerner: Natasha
  • 150,000: SSR: White Crow Suit
  • 200,000: Royal Invitation
  • 300,000: Elite Referral
  • 500,000: Engagement Ring

At the time of writing, over 70,000 users have already pre-registered, with many more possibly joining before the game launches.

It is worth noting that all pre-registration rewards will only be given once the game goes live and that you have completed the daily check-ins.

What to Expect

Final Gear Combat
Final Gear Combat Komoe Technology Limited

The story starts in the Year 2110 where a meteor hit Earth, essentially turning it into a wasteland. Those who survived have started the reconstruction efforts, with the Kegha group leading it.

Thanks to Kegha’s vast numbers and superior expertise in technology, they’ve established their own city and have created a mobile weaponized battle armor known as the Final Gear.

The mech technology would then spread all over the lands and it would give rise to the three main forces: The Kegha, Arita, and Hexel.

Each character in the game seems to have a particular specialty. For instance, Evelynn is a Striker and likely adept in close combat.

Bernadette is a Demolisher and will possibly commandeer a mech that carries some serious firepower. Viorate is a Shooter and may specialize in ranged armaments more than her peers.

According to the game’s official website, you will not only have the ability to train hundreds of maidens into mech pilots, but also have the power to build and manage your own base.

The game looks surprisingly good and polished, though it remains to be seen if it will have a smooth launch or not.

Final Gear is expected to launch on September 30 on Android and iOS devices.

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