Final Fantasy XV Regalia Type-D Off-Road Tips

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Regalia Type-D
Regalia Type-D Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV’s 1.12 update arrived earlier this week, bringing with it some bug fixes and the ability to access the Regalia Type-D at any point in the game (whether you’ve completed the main storyline or not). This new modification to Noctis’ vehicle allows the party to venture off road and explore new areas of Lucis.

Swapping over from the standard Regalia to the Type-D is free and can be done anytime after updating to FFXV version 1.12. To do so, speak to Cindy at Hammerhead. An option to “Change to Regalia Type-D” should appear below the standard service and customization prompts. You can switch back to the vehicle’s other forms by returning to Hammerhead.  

Don’t try this at home: what you can’t do in the Regalia Type-D

  • You can’t take the Regalia Type-D into water, as tempting as it is to launch the boys straight into the blue depths of the Vesperpool or Alstor Slough. Even smaller bodies of water are a no-go. If you attempt to do so, you’ll get a message that says:  “This area is inaccessible. Repositioning the Regalia.”
  • You also can’t run over NPCs. For instance, attempting to steer toward any of the people on the beach around Galdin Quay will earn you a scolding from Ignis and cause the car to be repositioned.
  • If you try to jump the Regalia off a cliff, sometimes the game will reel you back to where you left the road. The screen will cut to black and Gladio will say, “Whoa! Where do you think you’re going?” (That said, it can be a fun way to get a glimpse at otherwise inaccessible areas, like the beaches between Cape Caem and Talepar.)
  • Just like the in the Regalia Type-F, you can kill your party with some crazy stunts, although it’s a little bit harder to do in the Type-D. If you attempt a particularly high or deadly jump, you could get a Game Over. Be sure you’ve saved your game before attempting any particularly ridiculous leaps so you don’t lose any items, experience or progress.
  • The Regalia Type-D can’t drive through dense forests, unfortunately. If you attempt to drive into these areas on the map you’ll see orange sparks and your car will sustain a small amount of damage.

Keeping the Regalia purty - damage and repairs

  • Keep an eye on the Regalia Type-D’s durability gage, shown below the gas. If it gets to zero. But generally, any damage you do, as long as you keep it above zero percent, will only cost 500 gil to repair back at Hammerhead.
  • If you total the Regalia Type-D, you’ll need to pay 100 gil to have it towed, then 2000 gil for repairs.
  • It’s pretty easy to damage the Regalia Type-D, whether plowing through trees or into groups of enemies.
  • If you get stuck on a large rock or in a tree -- and you will, pretty quickly -- holding R2 to reverse and/or tapping the PS Circle / Xbox B buttons to jump. If you’re in a tight position and backing out or jumping aren’t helping, exiting the vehicle and getting back in may sometimes help.
  • You can’t fast travel while off-road, so keep that in mind when considering whether to return to Hammerhead for repairs or find a place to sleep for the night. You’ll need to maneuver your way back to the nearest road in order to fast travel.
  • Swapping back to the normal Regalia or the Type-F won’t undo any damage you might have sustained while in Type-D form.
Regalia Type-D arches
Noctis and the boys looking for those big jumps Photo: Square Enix

Stunt jumps and road rage

  • If you pick up some momentum and manage to perform a big jump, you’ll be scored on distance traveled, landing stability and mid-air impact. As you’re in mid-air, the Regalia will move in slow motion, allowing you to maneuver toward an open patch for landing or attempt to extend your distance traveled.
  • Your top three big jump scores will flash briefly on the upper-left portion of the screen after you’ve completed a jump.
  • You may be able to perform a big jump by going out-of-bounds, but you’ll generally get fewer points than you would otherwise.
  • You can run over enemies and damage them in the off-road Regalia, but they can hurt you as well. Be especially cautious around hordes of Magitek soldiers, whose firearms will chip away at your durability.

Do you like taking the chocobros off-road, or do you prefer to leave all the driving to Ignis? Have you figured out any more handy tips for exploring in the Regalia Type-D? Let us know in the comments below!

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