Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis Headed To Tekken 7 Roster In 2018

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Tekken 7 - Noctis
Noctis in Tekken 7 Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco says it will continue to expand the Tekken 7 roster in 2017, settling any concerns that the game’s second boost of NJPW ring-gear might be the last new addition to the critically acclaimed fighting game. The next fighter to join the King of Iron Fist tournament won’t arrive until spring 2018. It will be the third time an outside IP is represented on the Tekken 7 roster, with Final Fantasy XV protagonist Noctis Lucis Caleum slated to make his debut early next year.

According to the reveal trailer, Noctis has some prior relationship with Lars Alexandersson, the specifics of which are not yet known, and a phone call from the Tekken Force leader is actually what brings the crown prince of Lucis to the King of Iron Fist tournament. It’s not clear whether or not the prince will be familiar with other members of the roster -- if he knows Lars, he would presumably at least be aware of Heihachi and the Mishima Zaibatsu --  but if so, he wouldn’t be the first outside presence to join franchise lore. Street Fighter ’s Akuma and Fatal Fury ’s Geese Howard already joined Tekken 7, with the former actually driving a major arc of the game’s story. The promotional video also confirms Noctis’ Engine Blade will play a significant role in his move set. It’s even incorporated into his Rage Art and Rage Drive techniques.

Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto won’t be joining Noctis on the Tekken 7 roster (yet); however, the trio will still be seen in the game via the Final Fantasy XV stage. The crown prince’s home turf brings fighters back to Hammerhead Garage, which should be recognizable even if you’ve only seen promotional footage for FFXV. The stage also includes a few Chocobos, the Regalia and Cindy Aurum. There’s just enough familiarity for players to feel like they’re taking a detour through the kingdom of Lucis without making the environment so busy it distracts from the fight.

For an early look at all the recently revealed Tekken 7 DLC, check out new trailers for the NJPW and Final Fantasy XV content coming to the King of Iron Fist Tournament. Then head down to the comments and let us know what other characters or IP you want to see in Tekken 7.

Tekken 7 is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Noctis joins the fight in Spring 2018.

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