'Final Fantasy XV' Midgarsormr and Hvitrormr Timed Hunt Guide: Info, Strategies And Tips To Smash The Snakes

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Key art for Final Fantasy XV. (c) Square-Enix

The fourth timed hunt for Final Fantasy XV has arrived, and this time Noctis and the boys must take down five massive snakes: three level 54 Midgarsormr and two level 78 Hvitrormr. We’ve put together some strategies to help you reap the rewards from this optional hunt, which runs until the evening of April 26.  

This guide will outline the rewards you get from beating the gaggle of giant snakes, detail each type of enemy’s HP and weapon / elemental vulnerabilities, and offer some general strategies and tips to prepare your party before the battle and how to manage them during the fight.

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Midgarsormr and Hvitrormr can be found just to the east of the Ravatoghan Trail in Cleigne, near the fork in the river. Unlike some previous quests, this hunt can be accessed from Chapter 1 onward, which means those who are new to FFXV (or those working through another playthrough) can take on the beasts without making it to post-game / Chapter 15. However, those with lower-level parties should be advised that these timed hunts are no joke; you’ll need to prepare with meal buffs and have a strong arsenal of weapons to hand. Don’t plan on summoning Ramuh to get you out of this one (unless some other enemies happen to stumble by mid-brawl).

Recommended foods: Unless you’re desperate for the EXP, we wouldn’t recommend paying for or cooking some of the rarer meals (this isn’t the best use of Ignis’ Lasagna al Forno or to drop 8.000 gil on the Maagho Lasagna in Altissia).

If you’ve got a high-level party with Ignis’ Cooking skill at level 10 (and you’re an accomplished angler to boot), Golden Tail Soup is a good option, with guaranteed critical hits and 150 percent Regen boost.

If you’re mid-playthrough or punching a bit above your weight by taking on this fight, Mother and Child Rice Bowl (+1,000 HP, +30 percent EXP, +50 percent item drop) and Roc of Ravatogh Rice (+300 Attack, +1,500 HP) are solid choices.

Some decent, modest alternatives include anything that boosts Attack, Critical rate, Magic or HP. This includes Darkshells Marienieres (+100 Attack, faster Tech bar replenishment), Meldacio Meat Pie (+150 Attack, +150 Magic, +500 HP), Toadsteak Drumsticks (+120 Attack, +100 Magic, +500 HP) or Fried Frontier Skewer (+500 HP, +30 percent Critical).

FFXV Midgarsormr and Hvitrormr Timed Hunt 4 Completion Rewards

What do you get for defeating all five Midgarsormr and Hvitrormr?

  • 777,777 gil
  • 20,000 EXP
  • 500 AP
  • 5 Oracle Ascension Coins
  • Item drop: Mega Phoenix

If you’re looking for some extra cash, you can’t argue with nearly 800K gil. However, those looking to farm EXP will likely want to seek out alternatives for grinding. ( Check out our Power Leveling Guide for some suggestions.) There’s a decent amount of AP to be had for those looking to add a few nodes to their Ascension Grid.

FFXV Midgarsormr and Hvitrormr Stats, Strengths & Weaknesses

Midgardsomr (black snakes)

  • Level 54
  • 146,900 HP
  • Resistant: Fire, Light
  • Weak: Swords, Daggers, Ice

Hvitrormr (white snakes)

  • Level 78
  • 268,200 HP
  • Resistant: Fire, Light
  • Weak: Swords, Daggers, Ice

Handily, both types of enemies have the same weaknesses: Swords (of the one-handed variety), Daggers and Ice.

Combat Strategies for Midgarsormr and Hvitrormr

  • Warp-Strikes using the one-handed sword Ragnarok, your strongest pair of daggers for distance attacks, and powerful Ice-based magic can all work well here.
  • These snakes are large, wiggly and speedy, so plan to move in from a distance for a flurry of quick strikes, then run or point-warp back out to the periphery.
  • Don’t plan to spend a long time blocking and parry, you want to zip in and out of the fray.
  • If you’ve got Noctis’ Royal Arm the Bow of the Clever, combine it with Ignis’ Overwhelm technique for some rapid-fire distance damage.
  • Use Ignis’ Enhancement skill on your weapon in the early moments of the battle, then switch his skills over to Regroup if you need a quick full-party heal.
  • Consider brewing up some Ice magic with Stopcast to give the party a chance to breathe and land some extended close-up combos. Elemancy catalysts that produce Stopcast include: Maiden’s Kiss, Broken Harmonica, Star Shell, Ancient Dragon Tooth, Ammonite Fossil, Fossil Wood and Fossil Shell.

Did you find any other techniques useful for defeating Midgarsormr and Hvitrormr in Final Fantasy XV ’s latest timed hunt? Let us know in the comments!

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