'Final Fantasy XV' DLC With Playable Luna Being Considered, Says Producer

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Final Fantasy XV extended Dawn trailer
Stella - uh, Stellaluna - uh, just Luna - from the Final Fantasy XV extended "Dawn" trailer. (c) Square-Enix

According to Final Fantasy XV producer Haruyoshi Sawatari in an interview on JeuxVideo, the team is considering an additional piece of DLC that will allow players to play as Luna, Noctis’ fiancee with a mysterious role in the plot.

At Paris Games Week, the Final Fantasy XV team announced their plans for DLC. One major DLC titled “Comrade” will include co-op multiplayer, letting you and your three bros pal around the world. This DLC will be a part of the $24.99 season pass but will also be available separately.

The three other major DLC packs will allow you to play as Gladio, Ignis or Prompto. Episode Gladiolus will be the first DLC to be released, followed by Episode Ignis and Episode Prompto, all of which will be available for individual purchase also. The “Comrade” DLC that allows co-op multiplayer will be available after each character’s episode DLC. Other DLC packs include an item pack and a “Holiday” pack.

WIll Episode Luna fit neatly into this parade of additional content? Would you be interested in seeing the world through Luna’s eyes? Final Fantasy has a storied history of complex, heroic female characters, and Sawatari acknowledged that there is a demand for that content. Fingers crossed that the team considers

Final Fantasy XV releases for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on Nov. 29. Check out the new “Omen” trailer, gameplay deets about Moogles and all the extra goodies stuffed into the base game.

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