Final Fantasy XI Online April Update is Now Live

New chapter is here.
New chapter is here. Square Enix

The April update is now available in Final Fantasy XI Online, which adds a new story quest to The Voracious Resurgence series and more. That means players can now enjoy Chapter 7 Part 2 of the latest story where they need to traverse the lands and seek out the memories of those who have come before. To begin the new story, players need to finish the quest Uran-Mafran of the Maelstrom and then speak with Shantotto in Windurst Walls (K-7).

Players can also look forward to the April Login Campaign from April 11 to May 9. Expect to get different rewards by logging in to the game each day.


For April, the Ambuscade Battle updates include the return of Quadav along with the appearance of beasts. The other changes for Ambuscade include:

  • The foes in Normal and Intense Ambuscades have been swapped out.
  • The HP of these foes in Ambuscade has been lowered:
    • Symbiotic Marid
    • Symbiotic Dhalmel
    • Symbiotic Coeurl
    • Symbiotic Tiger
    • Symbiotic Rabbit
    • Symbiotic Buffalo
    • Symbiotic Opo-opo
  • The Malice of Gu’Dha ability used by the Bozzetto High Vicar on Very Difficult has undergone these adjustments:
    • The cooldown has been increased from 20 to 30 seconds.
    • The maximum number of uses has been increased from 8 to 11.
  • The minimum amount of time it takes for the Bozzetto Berserker and Bozzetto Devour to spawn has been increased from 20 to 60 seconds.
  • The intensity of the random weakness placed on the Bozzetto Disruptor and Bozzetto Defiler has been increased from 400% to 1,000%.
  • Certain items obtainable in exchange for hallmarks have been swapped out.
  • Certain items obtainable for total hallmarks have been swapped out.
  • Certain items obtainable in exchange for badges of gallantry have been swapped out.

Anniversary Celebration

The 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy XI Online is fast approaching and to celebrate, everyone is invited to a behind-the-scenes look into the game through the "We Are Vana’Diel" special site. Here, players can learn more about the game, particularly its development and history.

In the latest installments of this series, the game’s original scenario writer Masato Kato discusses more of the game and how he came to be in his current role.

Final Fantasy XI Online is available on PC.

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