FINAL FANTASY V Update 1.0.7: Brave Blade, Map Changes, and Bug Fixes

FINAL FANTASY V Update 1.0.7
FINAL FANTASY V Update 1.0.7 Steam

FINAL FANTASY V recently received an update that added changes to battle and maps and numerous bug fixes.

Brave Blade

Brave Blade will no longer permanently lose attack power from escaping battles. The weapon can now recover its attack power by winning battles. However, recovered attack power will not exceed the original value.

World Map and Minimap

The developers made graphical improvements to make the edges of water areas on the world map look more natural. They also made extra changes so that the minimap displays immediately on the top right of the screen after moving to the next map.

FINAL FANTASY V Update 1.0.7

Bug fixes
  • Very rarely, battles would not progress correctly under specific circumstances.
  • Sometimes using specific combinations of abilities and equipment would cause unintended behavior.
  • Some enemies would act unnaturally under specific circumstances.
  • Sometimes the final action an enemy took when defeated would be different to the intended action under specific circumstances.
  • The actions of some bosses would sometimes start earlier than intended.
  • Sometimes odd actions would be initiated when using auto-battle under specific circumstances.
  • Sometimes items would not be consumed properly if they were used while the effects of “Quick” were active.
  • The effects of ”Haste” and “Slow” would not correctly affect the waiting times until some commands were carried out.
  • Actions that were not related to magic would sometimes miss and become unusable while the effects of “Mute” were in play under specific circumstances.
  • Sometimes “Mute” or “Return” would not activate while characters have been removed from battle.
  • ”Flirt” and “Mute” were effective against some enemies and bosses that they should not work on.
  • Sometimes additional effects from attacks would still take effect, even when the physical attack itself has been defended using the summon “Golem.”
  • Sometimes “Call” would not activate properly when MP was low.
  • While characters levels were increased from using “Hero's Rime” in battle, it became impossible to change these levels any further through other actions.
  • The effects of “Spellblade” continued to take effect after changing equipment during battle.
  • The effects of “Focus” and “Two-Handed” overlapped and did not trigger.
  • The effect of “Shirahadori” would trigger even when the user was afflicted by a status that prevented them from acting.

You can read more about the update here.

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