Final Fantasy V: Second Update Implements Battle Adjustments and Bug Fixes

Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster
Final Fantasy V: Pixel Remaster Steam

The remastered version of Final Fantasy V was launched earlier this month and just received its second update. This update implemented certain battle adjustments and fixed plenty of bugs.

Battle Adjustments

The developers made some changes to certain class abilities. Hide, an ability available to the Bard class has been changed. For those who do not know, this ability when cast on all party members, will allow them to escape the battle unscathed.

In the event that escaping is not possible, Hide now works indefinitely. This means that you can continue to avoid damage and stay alive, so long as at least one of your characters remains hidden and does not engage.

In addition, the status ailment resistance of some monsters has been decreased. For example, making them sleep is a bit easier to do now than before.

Update Changelog

  • The ability "Cover" has been altered so it now activates when in critical condition
  • In battles that cannot be escaped from, the ability "Hide" has been changed so it continues, even when all characters other than the hidden character are wiped out
  • The ability "Barehanded" has been adjusted to reduce correctly when certain command abilities are used, such as "Rapid Fire" and "Jump"
  • The HP reduction effect of "Thornlet" now continues throughout the battle
  • The status ailment resistance of some monsters has been decreased
  • The behavior of certain monsters using non-standard counters when hit by special kinds of attacks, such as multi-hit attacks, has now been fixed
  • Movement speed has been decreased for the ability "Dash"
  • Black Chocobo movement patterns have been adjusted, making capture easier
  • There were some cases where using the abilities "Control", "Catch" and "Release" in succession would cause the processing to slow down
  • The turn order may have performed unusually when using the time magic spell "Quick" with the ability "Dualcast"
  • The game may have performed unusually when the ability "Mimic" is used under certain conditions
  • There was a place on the sea at the beginning of the game where unintended battle encounters would occur
  • There were some cases where certain control inputs would cause events to occur repeatedly
  • Reloading a quick save from certain points caused some battles that should have occurred to not trigger
  • Reloading a quick save from certain points prevented the game from progressing further

The second update for Final Fantasy V: Pixel Remaster is now available on PC.

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