'Final Fantasy Record Keeper' 2nd Anniversary: Celebrate With Free 11x Rare Relic Draw, Free In-Game Rewards And Special Dev Messages

Final Fantasy Record Keeper
Final Fantasy Record Keeper. (c) DeNA / Square Enix

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is celebrating its second anniversary with a whole lot of special events, gifts and the chance to claim some epic equipment for your favorite characters. Check out the Final Fantasy Record Keeper second anniversary celebration video below:

First up is the epic list of equipment, items and gil players can claim now through April 24 at 8AM EST. They include the following:

final fantasy record keeper in game rewards
In-game rewards for Final Fantasy Record Keeper's second anniversary. Photo: (c) Square Enix
  • 6-Star Book of Memories

  • 4-Star Mote Set (5 of each type)

  • Major Orb Set (Summoning, Ice, Lightning, Fire and Wind, 3 of each)

  • 1 5-Star Dark Matter

  • 5 Major Growth Eggs

  • 3 Rosetta Stones

  • 300,000 Gil

  • 5-Star ability: Bahamut

  • 4-Star ability: Syldra

  • 4-Star ability: Lifesiphon

Creative producer Tetsuya Nomura contributed this adorable celebration sketch:

final fantasy record keeper tetsuya nomura celebration second anniversary sketch
A sketch by Tetsuya Nomura commemorating Final Fantasy Record Keeper's second anniversary. Photo: (c) Square Enix

There’s also the 2nd Anniversary Players’ Choice Relic Draw, featuring relics that received the most votes in the 2nd Anniversary survey. The first 11x Relic Draw is free and is only open for 24 hours on March 25, so get on that right away. (I got Squall’s Punishment and that’s the only thing I cared about, thanks based Final Fantasy gods!)

Relics with a drop rate bonus include Soul Break Relics like Ragnarok (VII, Cloud), Blood Sword (VI, Terra), Gladius (XIII, Lightning), and Punishment (VIII, Squall); Burst Soul Break Relics like Onion Gauntlets (III, Onion Knight), Healer’s Circlet (XIV, Y’shtola), Excalibur (IV, Paladin Cecil), Wizer Rod (VII, Aerith); and Super Soul Break Relics like Excalibur (VI, Celes), Platinum Sword (FFT, Ramza), Onion Sword (III, Onion Knight).

In case you need a reminder: Overstrike Soul Breaks break the damage cap and cap out at 99,999 damage rather than 9,999 damage, while Burst Soul Breaks are more powerful than their basic counterparts by also putting the user in Burst Mode with Haste. With Burst Mode active, the user gains bonuses to Attack, Speed, and every other stat, enabling powerful special abilities with unlimited uses. Mastering a Burst Soul Break also boosts a stat, so the free 11x Relic Draw is an incredible chance to really amp up your fave characters’ damage.

There is also a Mythril Treasure Dungeon that will give you a guaranteed 50 Mythril and will close after it has been completed. Further events include:

final fantasy record keeper second anniversary events
Events celebrating Final Fantasy Record Keeper's second anniversary. Photo: (c) Square Enix

For more celebration, check out messages from producer Ichiro Hazama, development producer Yu sasaki and creative producer Tetsuya Nomura, exclusive wallpaper and plenty more to come. Happy second anniversary to Final Fantasy Record Keeper !

Have you been faithfully following this little Final Fantasy gem of a game? Do all these free gifts encourage you to give Final Fantasy Record Keeper a try? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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