Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Summon Units from Final Fantasy X

A new collab.
A new collab. Square Enix

There’s a new event in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius that everyone is invited to join. Players get the chance to summon Final Fantasy X units as well as collect their Vision Cards. There are also special login bonuses to claim like a free Neo Vision (NV) unit of the Summoner Yuna.

New content that players can enjoy includes:

  • Final Fantasy X Units
    • During the collaboration campaign period, players have the chance to obtain these units:
      • New Guardian Tidus (NV) with a CG limit burst
      • Besaid Mage Lulu (NV) from featured summons
    • In addition, players can also obtain Vision Cards:
      • “Not until the end... Always” by awakening New Guardian Tidus (NV) to EX+3
      • “Storming Bevelle,” by awakening Besaid Mage Lulu (NV) to EX+1 and EX+3
  • Ordained Odyssey Login Bonus
    • From August 25 to October 5, players can get these by logging into the game each day:
      • A free Summoner Yuna (NV)
      • Summoner Yuna fragments
      • NV Guaranteed 10+1 Summon Ticket
      • Up to 1/10 NV Summon Tickets x10
    • Players who log in throughout the entire campaign period can redeem their rewards to obtain a total of three free NV units.
  • ​Final Fantasy X Daily Free 10 Summon
    • Running until October 5, players can join in a daily free 10 summon.
    • This is limited to once per day and with an updated summon pool every week.
    • Players can obtain as many as 420 free units.
    • Featured units are included in this daily free summon pool.
  • New Guardian Tidus Discounted Step-Up Summon
    • Players have until September 21 to perform this discounted summon and obtain one guaranteed NV unit on step 4.
  • Final Fantasy X Event: Channels of Absolution
    • Until September 21, players can finish the event quest and obtain event currency to exchange for exciting rewards and event-exclusive equipment like the Two-handed weapon Avenger (FFX).
    • Players can also obtain recipe/material needed to upgrade Wakka's STMR reward, World Champion (FFX).
  • Final Fantasy X Weapon Enhancement Box Summon
    • Until September 28, players who complete several special quests can obtain the FFX Weapon Enhancement Box Summon tickets.
    • Using these summon tickets allows players the chance to obtain various useful items such as a copy of the Caladbolg (FFX) and Onion Knight (FFX), as well as the recipe/material required to further upgrade these weapons.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available on Android and iOS.

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