Fight the Curses as Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash is Now on PC & Consoles

Jujutsu Cursed Clash
Time to practice those cursed techniques. Bandai Namco

It's time to welcome the power of cursed energy as Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash is now available worldwide. The game is based on the manga and anime series . This 3D action brawler is out for the PC via Steam along with consoles PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and the Nintendo Switch.

Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash is the first console game that's focuses on the anime. It allows fans to relive the story, as well as the action, of the first season and the feature film Jujutsu Kaisen 0. For those not familiar with the source material, it's about a group of individuals known as "Jujutsu Sorcerers" as they protect humanity against monsters known as Curses.

Fans should be happy to know that the game remains faithful to the anime especially with the visuals that's inspired by the unique aesthetics of the series. Meanwhile, the gameplay is able to capture not just the explosive animations but also the intense action. The game has players experience pivotal moments in the anime series through the single player mode or compete with friends in 2v2 multiplayer matches.

In particular, the game has players choose a team and try to defeat opponents in Cursed Technique battle. They can do this by unleashing those dynamic movements and the wide range of tag-team attacks and even combos. When changing character combinations for example, players can come up with unique synergies and power dynamics that's full of explosive animations which brings characters to life.

By participating and completing battles, players get increase the power level of their fighter and unlock stronger attacks as they progress. Over time, the stage evolves and collapses from the immense power of Cursed Techniques and Domain Expansions.

Editions Available

The game is available digitally and physically with players being able to choose among various editions. Aside from the Standard Edition, players can also choose from:

  • Digital Deluxe Edition
    • Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash Base Game
    • Hidden Inventory/Premature Death
    • Jujusta 2024
  • Digital Ultimate Edition
    • Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash Base Game
    • Hidden Inventory/Premature Death
    • Anime Ending Theme 1 Outfit Set
    • Jujusta 2024
    • Digital Artbook & Soundtrack
  • Collector's Edition Bundle
    • Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash Base Game
    • Exclusive 12x22 inch Wall Scroll featuring Art by Gege Akutami

Are you ready to fight the Curses? Check out Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Clash now.

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