'FIFA 17' Servers Down: EA Servers Struggling After Launch, Check Status Here

FIFA 17's servers down? Check the status right here EA

Are FIFA 17s servers down? After the recent release the servers have been having some problems. Even when this year’s big soccer game only launched in North America, the servers still had troubles staying online. But checking the FIFA 17 server status can help you figure out if the problem is affecting just you or affecting everyone.

In case you ever wanted to check on the server status for FIFA 17, there are a few easy tools. Outage.report has an easy-to-read interface, showing if servers are doing alright or struggling. As of this writing, things seem OK for now. Another option is Down Detector, which takes user reports to highlight server issues. At its peak post launch, Down Detector was getting over 400 reports of issues.

While things seem fine now, these issues came only from the North American launch. Not to generalize, but soccer isn’t the biggest sport in the region. With the European launch on Sept. 29, servers could be feeling much more strain, especially with a global audience.

Unfortunately, there’s no real fixes for the issue that you can do. It might help to completely power down your console and restart it, but that might only offer temporary fixes. The best way to avoid problems is to put off playing for the next few days and wait for the hype from launch to die down. But that’s no fun, we know.

So what do you think? Are you or are you not surprised to see servers for an EA game struggle after launch? Will you wait to play FIFA 17, or will you keep trying anyway? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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