'FIFA 17' Release Date: 'Major Leap Forward' In Three Key Areas Coming

James Rodriguez takes a free kick in FIFA 16
James Rodriguez takes a free kick in FIFA 16 EA

Big changes are coming to EA Sports’ FIFA franchise. While EA hasn’t been specific with their plans for FIFA 17, CEO Andrew Wilson has gone on record with some bold claims. During last week’s Q4 earnings call, Wilson promised that FIFA 17 will take a "major leap forward in personalization, immersion and competition.”

What does this mean exactly? Well, Wilson’s comments certainly have a CEO-speak vibe to it, but it’s hard not to get excited over those buzzwords. If I had to guess, there are a few things we can expect in FIFA 17: new teams – possibly even new leagues, a more extensive career mode and an expanding training program, and more additions to the women’s national teams. I think that’s a fair place to start.

Wilson also mentioned similar work will be done on Madden NFL 17 and NHL 17. In addition, these games are slated to arrive during EA’s second quarter, which is between July and September.

That being said, we should be able to expect, as always, that FIFA 17 will arrive in mid to late September.

In other news, FIFA 16 ’s sixth title update is now available on all consoles – PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. PC versions got the update several days ago. Here are the adjustments, as per the official EA Sports FIFA blog:

We addressed the following in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team:

  • Enhanced ability to message players about issues and updates.

  • Matchmaking improvements to help players find each other quicker.

  • Matchmaking rematch issues in FUT Online Draft.

In addition we have also addressed the following:

  • Fixed the compare feature on leaderboards.

  • Fixed an issue with Player Career Mode accomplishments affecting Pro Clubs.
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