Fictorum Update 2.2 Adds Eight New Runes and Bug Fixes

Fictorum Steam

Fictorum is an action RPG where players can destroy enemies and their surroundings using magic. This update features eight new runes and some system changes to improve the usage of runes.


There are three runes that seem to stand out in this update and they are:

  • The Blood rune grants players exponentially higher damage outputs. But it comes at a high price, and that is losing health to power up the spell.
  • The Stamina rune greatly reduces the damage of a spell, but it will use stamina instead of mana.
  • Another interesting rune, Drain, allows players to leech a portion of spell damage into energy.

In this update, players can use multiple runes of the same type in the runeset. This allows players to get creative and stack multiple strong runes to unleash maximum damage.

Fictorum Update 2.2

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent movement while in observer mode
  • Fixed a bug that would cause enemy weapons to float in mid-air if their wielder was killed mid-swing
  • Canceling Spellblade no longer spawns a persistent glow
  • Fixed a bug for the Bulwark that would cause Sentinel runes to increase channeling cost
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent clairvoyance during the Brazmek boss fight
  • The playthrough statistics screen will now show value ranges for magical-unique runes
  • Map location focusing on the world map with gamepad has been significantly improved
  • Reward choices now have a substantially lower chance of spawning exactly the same item
  • Fixed a bug that could cause inconsistent event selection behavior when overlapping the inquisition legion
  • The cast animations for Candy Cane and Snowball have been improved
  • Fixed a bug that would clear falling lateral friction and flying breaking deceleration after flying
  • Familiars and Sentinels will now properly target summoned shamblers
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause a crash when destroying a physics-simulated piece of loot or furniture
  • Chlorobeam no longer knocks down trees
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Echo runes from working with Area spells
  • Familiars can no longer affect the player with their spells
  • Fixed a bug that could cause staircases within castle structures to float in midair
  • Chaos on Chlorobeam will no longer only hit the ground in front of the player
  • Fixed a rare bug with the enchantment window that could cause spellcasting to be locked
  • Projectile rune interactions have been standardized for Pierce, Bounce, Trap, Chain, and Echo

You can read more about the update here.

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