'FFXV: Episode Gladiolus' DLC: How To Get Shirtless Gladio 'Rugged Attire' Outfit

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gladio nipple ring
Gladio's shirtless rugged attire Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV just released its first major DLC, Episode Gladiolus. It’s fun! But the best part is that you can get a special "Rugged Attire" costume for Gladio, where he runs around topless. Whee! Here’s how you get it.

First, you have to complete Episode Gladiolus, which should take about three hours or so. This will unlock Score Attack Mode, where Gladdy faces off against a stream of enemies. You’ll need to get a score of over 500,000 points to unlock the Rugged Attire. There are two strategies to bear in mind in order to rack up points quickly -- block and parry enemy attacks as often as you can, and use the stone pillars to whack larger baddies whenever possible. Before you know it, your Gladio will be too sexy for his shirt. 

YouTuber LemonEatingKow posted a handy video of some strategies for getting major points in Score Attack Mode, with an enticing preview of all the shirtless Gladio photoshoots you can do once you unlock the costume.

In addition to being wonderfully easy on the eyes, Daddio’s Rugged Attire provides a pretty swell stat boost, upping his strength by 200. So it’s actually very practical to use and doesn’t make you a pervy weirdo at all.

On that note, please enjoy these images of this very practical outfit in action while we treat ourselves to a cold shower. Fun fact, did you know Gladdy has nipple rings? Well, now you do! Why wasn’t that in the DLC?

gladio nipple ring
yoohoo Photo: Square Enix
hello gladio
yowza Photo: Square Enix
well hello Photo: Square Enix
FFXV_Gladio sexi
i'll be in my bunk Photo: Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus is available to download now. It’s free to Season Pass holders, or $4.99 as a standalone.

Do you enjoy shirtless Gladio? Any tips for getting the necessary points in Score Attack Mode? Feel free to talk torso in the comments.

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