Farthest Frontier: Patch v0.8.1 Significantly Improves Frame Rates

Patch v0.8.1
Patch v0.8.1 Twitter/@Crate_Frontier

The survival city builder Farthest Frontier might run so much better on your PC now, thanks to the newly released Patch v0.8.1.

Developer Crate Entertainment has done the first optimization pass to various systems and renderers in Farthest Frontier. As a result, you will see an improvement in FPS, especially in larger towns.

Additionally, a new feature that alerts you when something important happens and needs your immediate attention has been implemented. For example, you will now be notified whenever one of your buildings is destroyed.

Patch v0.8.1 has also updated the Unity engine to the latest version. Because of this, the mods for Farthest Frontier may no longer work unless they’re updated by mod developers.

You can read the other changes in this update below:

  • Added visual indicator for worker positions that are unfilled due to halted production.
  • Fixed an issue where toggling the UI would not hide widget icons.
  • Fixed an issue where services and soldiers could end up unpaid despite there being gold in the town and/or a positive net gold income.
  • Fixed an issue where gold stored in Foundries was listed as part of town gold, but could not be accessed to pay expenses.
  • Fixed an issue where raising the number of builders on a build site could end up with excess builders over the set limit.
  • Fixed an issue where opening the Resources and Professions windows for the first time would hang the game.
  • Fixed an issue where manually entering a number in the Trading Post transfer/trade windows would not register.
  • Fixed an issue where inputs in the Trading Post transfer/trade windows would alter the game speed.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow multiple Trading Posts to be built.
  • Increased the capacity of upgraded shelters. Tier 2 homesteads now house 5 villagers, tier 3 large homes now house 6 villagers, and tier 4 manors now house 8 villagers.
  • The Town Center can no longer be cleared with the clear tool.
  • Resources with halted production due to production limits are now marked in the Resources Window to make this apparent at a glance.
  • Fruit trees now block regular tree growth, preventing situations where an orchard becomes overgrown with forest.
  • Apiary window now displays the Honey bonus.
  • Overlapping grazing areas for Barns now correctly have a penalty to fodder bonus.
  • Barns that are at capacity or overpopulated can now have cows transferred to them from the Trading Post or other Barns.
  • Increased manufacturing speed of Shoes at the Cobbler Shop.
  • Markets no longer stockpile water. This mechanic had minimal impact on stocking homes while it made wells get drained more frequently and triggered the low water warning when the town in fact had plenty.

Farthest Frontier Patch v0.8.1 is now available on PC.

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