Farthest Frontier Now More Forgiving to New Players in Update v0.7.6

Update v0.7.6
Update v0.7.6 Twitter/@Crate_Frontier

A new patch for the survival city builder Farthest Frontier is here. Update v0.7.6 brings plenty of improvements and bug fixes, making the game much easier for new players.

Farthest Frontier starts at Pioneer difficulty, and the game gets increasingly hard as time progresses. That said, the starting food for this difficulty level is increased, so that new players will not have to worry about foraging for food in the beginning.

Aside from that, building upkeep in Update v0.7.6 accumulates seasonally now instead of monthly. This change will give players more time to finish their current upkeep tasks before additional materials are needed.

For bug fixes, the issue where building production would sometimes not resume after the building was not condemned has been resolved. This patch also addresses the problem where villagers could sometimes get stuck in terrain.

Patch Notes

  • Optimized the Town Center UI windows (resources, professions, happiness) to be much more responsive.
  • Vsync multiplier now scales with high-refresh monitors.
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor would not register through widgets when trying to place buildings.
  • Fixed an issue with foraged items spawning in water. This fix is not retroactive.
  • Fixed an issue where the Occlusion Highlight toggle would reset.
  • Fixed multiple issues where certain widgets (building icons) would not appear when intended (ex. waste warning, paused production, etc.).
  • Fixed multiple issues where Trading Post UI could end up stuck, or display traders incorrectly, ex. after upgrading the Trading Post.
  • Fixed an issue where hunters would generate more traps than the set amount.
  • Fixed an issue where Hunter Lodge trap slider would reset back to max.
  • Fixed an issue where Barn overpopulation would trigger one cow sooner than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where herds could become permanently abandoned when canceling a barn relocation task.
  • Fixed an issue where field expansions could be added infinitely into the fog of war.
  • Villagers now automatically exit the Town Center garrison before starving. Consequently, starving villagers will no longer garrison the Town Center.
  • Increased time for homes to become abandoned to 8 months, up from 4.
  • Buildings with unpaid expenses are now blocked from work. A new icon has been added for buildings that are in this state.
  • Increased meat from boars.
  • Increased fruit output for fruit trees at the Arborist Building.
  • Arborist Building now supports up to 2 workers.
  • Cows can no longer be purchased at the Trading Post unless a Barn has been constructed.
  • Reduced amount of tools and weapons Blacksmith Forge/Workshop will store, so they are moved to town storage more quickly.
  • Increased production speed at the Smokehouse.

The full list of changes can be found here.

Farthest Frontier Update v0.7.6 is available on PC.

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