'Far Harbor' Islander's Almanac Guide: Find All Five New Magazines To Unlock The Islander's Almanac Achievement/Trophy

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The Far Harber Islander's Almanac locations guide is here to help you find all the issues of the newest Fallout 4 magazine Bethesda

Fallout 4 is filled with collectibles, and one of the new items found in the Far Harbor DLC is the Island Almanac. There are five issues of this magazine scattered across the island, and they all give out very handy buffs if you find them. Use the guide below to get all the Island Almanac issues in your game.

Islander's Almanac Locations

Islander's Almanac #1 - Far Harbor’s Sightseer Guide

The first one, right by Old Longfellow at the bar Photo: Bethesda/Bob Fekete

Found on a table in The Last Plank bar. Right by where you first meet Old Longfellow

Reward: Points of interest unlocked on your map

Islander's Almanac #2 - Precision Hunting

At the top of the lighthouse, on a table. I got a little excited and picked it up before getting the screenshot Photo: Bethesda/Bob Fekete
The map location of the second Island Almanac Photo: Bethesda/Bob Fekete

Found at the top of the Brooke's Head Lighthouse. It's sitting on a shelf along the wall.

Reward: 5% higher chance to hit wild animals when using VATS

Islander's Almanac #3 - Pincer Dodger

The third issue, in the quarry after killing a few enemies Photo: Bethesda/Bob Fekete
The map location for Island Almanac issue 3 Photo: Bethesda/Bob Fekete

Go to the Northwood Ridge Quarry and find a door at the bottom of the quarry. Go in the door to find a hideout with a handful of enemies inside. Kill the enemies and climb the wooden structure to find this issue on a table between the bed and a trunk.

Reward: 5% less damage from Mirelurk attacks

Islander's Almanac #4 - Recipe Roundup

Sitting on the counter in the Visitor's Center Photo: Bethesda/Bob Fekete
The map location for Island Almanac issue 4 Photo: Bethesda/Bob Fekete

Found on the reception desk in the main room of the Visitor's Center.

Reward: Sludge-based recipes are now craftable at cooking stations

Islander's Almanac #5 - Children of the Atom Expose’

On the counter in the Acadia basement Photo: Bethesda/Bob Fekete
The map location for Island Almanac issue 5 Photo: Bethesda/Bob Fekete

Found on a counter in the basement of Acadia

Reward: 10% less damage from radiation-based attacks

Collecting all five issues of the Islander's Almanac will earn you the Islander's Almanac Achievement or Trophy. Congratulations!

So what do you think? Are you going to hunt down all of these magazines now that you know where they are? What else are you looking for in Far Harbor? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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