Fantasy Town Now Available on Mobile Devices

Time to farm and do some adventure.
Time to farm and do some adventure. gamigo

It looks like we’ll never be short of farming simulation games. This time, it's Fantasy Town by Gamigo, now available on Android and iOS.

In the game, players take on the role of Lord, a rather reluctant ruler of Arsendal. He always tries to get out of the responsibility of governing the town. This is not without reason because when he lost his mother, he promised not to become the ruler of Arsendal. However, his loyal assistant Tommy convinced him to accept the position.

The thing is, despite his attempts to avoid ruling, he gets pulled by the town residents into different tasks like building new structures and tending crops. The more the town progresses, the harder it is to get away. Things become a bit complicated when the mysterious past of Arsendal is slowly revealed.

Beyond the Usual

For most farming simulation games, the mechanic is plant, farm, and repeat. Fantasy Town adds in a bit of RPG, adventure, and exploration. Players can level up the townspeople and make them more effective as crafters or warriors; players can also choose to expand town boundaries. There’s also the option of exploring new dungeons to gather rare resources.

There are special events as well, held regularly where players take part in minigames to earn rewards.

Don’t be a Stranger

It’s always good to have companions, and in Fantasy Town, having friends is important. Players can add friends and even create guilds with them. They can then work together and help each other when one is away.

Friends can rescue plants from the storm, put out fires, and defend the town against monsters. There are also guild events for players to work together to earn rewards.

In a statement, Gamigo Head of Mobile Publishing Jeannie Odreman shared that players can expect to see a lot of events, especially those involving the environment. She added that they’ve been listening to the feedback to give the community a game that they would “play for hours on end.”

Learn more about Fantasy Town here.

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