Fallout Arrives to Magic: The Gathering this March 8

This March, two universes meet. Bethesda

Two universes are set to collide when Fallout makes its presence fell in Magic: The Gathering. This March 8, players of this CCG get to experience a wasteland like no other.

This new collaboration is dubbed as Magic: The Gathering – Fallout and offers four preconstructed 100-card Commander Decks. Each of the Commander Decks feature unique factions, settings, characters and even gameplay mechanics, all from the Fallout franchise which goes to when the first game was released in 1997.

Each preconstructed Commander deck come with two traditional foil legendary creatures which have been designed to serve as the commanders for the deck. These legendary creatures include some of the biggest movers and shakers in the Fallout universe like Mr. House of Fallout New Vegas, who directs his Securitron army from command tower at the top of thr Lucky 38 Resort & Casino. Meanwhile, the Vaults come to life in Magic: The Gathering – Fallout through Saga cards. These retell the events which happened underground like the birthday of the player character in Fallout 3.

It's not all hidden Vaults and high towers since the radiation-soaked surface has dangers lurking in addition to the deadly wildlife, vicious Radstorms and even nuclear contamination. The good news is there are ways to survive this post-nuclear world. Try to collect enough Food, Clue, Junk, and Treasure tokens to survive. Don't be too greedy though since it's possible to end up Overencumbered.

For those of you wondering, here's a quick look at the four Commander decks:

  • Scrappy Survivors
    • This deck has the lovable Dogmeat as the commander.
    • Create and sacrifice Junk tokens to dig through the library, sift through the graveyard for handy Equipment or even stock up on Food to weather the wilderness.
  • Mutant Menace
    • This deck centers on mutated creatures of Fallout like The Wise Mothman.
    • This commander can contaminate the battlefield with rad counters which saps players' life as well as cards from the top of their libraries over time.
  • Hail, Caesar
    • This deck has the notorious Caesar taking the lead and uniting a lot of the infamous factions in Fallout.
    • Get to refill the front lines with extra token copies of creatures using the Squad mechanic.
  • Science!
    • This deck has Dr. Madison Li in the lead who leads scientists in an attempt generate energy counters and bring Pre-War creations back to life.
    • These include giant robots, humanoid synths and high-tech weaponry from the Fallout universe.

Learn more about this new collab here.

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